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Friday, October 30, 2015

All is Well

It was all so much less horrible than it could have been .. or even might have been.
I left the house with Merlin and Minette in the car .. we took a drive.
A couple of us seem to find car rides are good for making you take a nap.
The motel was too expensive and I didn't like the mans attitude so I didn't make a reservation but went home to mull things over ... I called the owner of the business and told her how I felt about the whole thing.
Are you ready ?
She came here .. agreed that the worker was a bit sloppy with his use of pesticides splashed all over the place ... she then proceeded to ....
1- mop the kitchen floor
2- mop the sun room floor
3-vacuumed the rugs in the bedroom and living room.
And apologized.
I told her in a couple of weeks I am going to call her and complain about something again.
And leave out the ironing board.

All is well. She totally understood my concerns and has pets and a small child so we were both totally in sync with our feelings about poisons etc.

I was / am so lucky. I have had such good luck in my life. a few horrible bad things have happened but the good sort of outweigh the bad.

I have been very stressed and worried and weepy and missing my husband so very much but I still totally appreciate all the kind people I meet all the time.

The cats were happy to go on a ride in the car but they seemed super happy to see their dishes, bed and get back in the window and keep an eye on things.

All is well.


  1. I think those pests just wanted your deviled eggs :)
    Seriously, I'm happy you and the furry babies are home.
    Such great customer service- Wonderful Wonderful

  2. I think those pests just wanted your famous deviled eggs :)
    Seriously, I'm happy you and the furry babies are home.
    What great customer service - Wonderful Wonderful

  3. lol, Merlin loves my deviled eggs, I think it is because he saw Minette getting some .. Astonishing customer service, that girl was cleaning my floors with me !

  4. I'm sorry your home got fleas. Sometimes they get the way in! I would prefer dracula, too....I know the pain of itching from bug bites.
    Sounds like the owner of the business is very nice. Glad all is well now! I'm impressed your kitties were happy riding the car. My boys don't like it at all.
    Have a happy weekend!!


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