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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Little Foxes

wildlife photographer Igor Shpilenok


  1. Oh my, what incredible photos! Such cute foxes. It's amazing one of them came so close to a human. I love all the photos....and especially the last three photos! So funny and cute :-)

  2. The little fox stretching is so endearing :) They are just wonderful photos.

  3. What fabulous photos! They are adorable :-)

    à très bientôt,


  4. Yes they are sweet to look at - getting pics that close was great - however here we have to give them a wide berth due to rabies. A neighborhood man was bitten on his ankle this summer on his front porch, fortunately a construction work was able to kill the fox which, when tested, did have rabies. The old man had to go through the series of shots - they are very painful apparently - and there have now been several area cases of biting foxes which is scary. We have a family here which trot through the garden - I no longer go outside in the back where it's hard to see after dark - just in case!

    Glad things are settling down somewhat now for you dear - hope this winter will not be a severe one, or that you can at least get away on a trip for part of it. BA still beckons I'm sure - you should fly down and visit your friends!

    Hugs - Mary

  5. Mary, do you know a good cat sitter ? :)
    Thank you dear ... I have a feeling if I go visit BA I won't want to leave.
    But it is on my mind every day.
    I was so happy there ..


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