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Sunday, September 13, 2015

I Don't Have To go

Today was just sad.
It was beautiful. Sunshine and cool. Lots of birds making noise and a few geese flying over .. headed Down South.

I was almost headed down South.
I was selling the house and on my way ... not quite sure where but definitely South.

Then something funny happened.
Someone made an offer on my house.
I accepted.
I had instant regret.

Apparently so did the buyer.
Two days of angst and sadness and I got the call, she backed out.
I got my house back!

I don't have to decide where to go in a hurry.
I don't have to go somewhere that is just easy but not especially what I want.

I don't have to go !

I might though. There is still the knowledge that the house is expensive to keep, the winters here are long and cold and I am not driving South with 2 cats for a winter break.

My heart and my thoughts keep drifting back down to Argentina.
I really need to go back .. one more time .. maybe.
To see if it is that bad without my husband with me.
I have friends there .. I can remember some Castellano ... they like cats .

I really need a trip back to either Get over it or make a decision.

I have no friends here.
I love my neighbors but they are all elderly and have a few problems of their own.
I love the area ... I love driving to the market, with vast vistas of mountains across the river, forests and fields and meadows and horses and cattle and sheep and llamas and all that makes this area of New York State so very beautiful.

If I were not alone, it would be perfect.
But cats are only so much comfort.

So .. tomorrow I am going to call the man that I sold my lawnmower to and ask him if he will come mow my lawn LOL
And I will call the Energy company and ask why my bill is already so high .. the heat isn't on, there is usually only one room with lights on at night .. what in the world ??
If it is high now- what happens when it is actually winter and cold out ?
This is why moving elsewhere is a good idea.
IF I have somewhere to move to.

The cats are still mulling over the choices I gave them.
While I gave them both their manicures tonight.

Merlin purrs.
Grumbles a little but it is like giving a manicure to a dust mop ..
Minette, allows one or two claws to be cut then sinks the rest into me and says Enough !
I managed to get them all cut tonight with only 2 scratches and she only got one thump on the head.
But after I was through, I tackled her, rolled around on the floor with her while she meowed then kissed her and she purred.
Merlin just opened one eye to see what the fuss was about then went back to napping and purring.


Tamago said...

I'm so glad now you've got time to think, prepare and decide before moving. I think it'll be great to visit Argentina..if you like or not, it may help you to go to the next step.
My kitties don't like manicure, either :-) Have a wonderful week!

A.Smith said...

In a month or so the weather down home is going to be more than a welcome mat. Of course then you have to deal with the Holidays and family, but you have friends there, the Spring at the Recoleta with the Palo Borrachos in pink magnificent bloom and the music, and all those bittersweet memories that after a while will become like a new cashmere shawl for the spirit will see you through. You yearn for those things more often than maybe you realize. Go girl, go. Something is calling you there, go find out what it is. Safe journey. Buenos Aires awaits with open arms.

Linda said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, you really DO need a trip back to make a decision! GO!!!

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