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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 2

If I make it through this packing, moving , traveling, unpacking, finding a home with 2 cats .. I will be so proud of myself. So shocked that I lived to tell the tale. My head might explode .. read my will to see who gets the cats.

I interviewed a mover.
He was nice, the price was high, but they might be high anyway- It has been years since I have moved from New York to Florida.

He is with a typical US moving company.
Same as the rest probably.

Then I talked to a  company I saw online.
I was intrigued.
They are definitely Not a typical US moving company.
They are appealing I must say.
The cost is being figured I think, a guess right now, someone has to actually be here and do a true estimate.
But the guess is right in line with the Other mover.

They are more appealing. I want someone for less. I can feel my blood pressure rising. I don't know what to do ( don't write and tell me. I am being obstinate these days, I don't want anyone emailing me and giving me advice. )

What was cool/creepy was the movers in NY ( non-typical) went online and looked at realtor. com and he was able to see the ad for my house, the furniture and get a better idea of what I am moving !
How Cool Is That ?!

They will no doubt be the most expensive.
Cuz I want to use them.

I am boggled by the details....
Have car check up before hitting the road.
maybe not going to have company on the drive so I will be all alone from NY to Fl. This makes me so sad.
Cats will be with me .. never fear. They are not allowed out of my sight. I am clingy.

All the things to do here. . closings and moving and packing and getting out on time and not forgetting anything or anyone ! and just everything.

So there is a possibility I won't be posting, won't be posting much, will never post again .. will not know who I am so how can I post ?? will they have internet at the asylum? then I might post.

So there you have it.
I have to go make a list.
So I can lose it and find another.
Those poor people who bought the house, they will open the door and be buried under all my lists.


Elle Clancy said...

Wishing you such good luck with your move! Not sure how I found your blog (I think I may have seen your writings on John G.'s blog??) but I read through so many of your old posts to catch up on where you are journeying now. My sympathy on the passing of your husband. He sounds like he was a lovely man. I know he would be proud of you; I think you are far stronger than you think. Best wishes!


NotesFromAbroad said...

Oh Elle, Thank you so much ! Yes, he was a lovely man. Oh my, how kind you are .. thank you.

Rosemary said...

All the very best - you might loose a few pounds and have a spinning head during the process, but you will win, and as Elle says you are stronger than you think.

Mary said...

You can do it - look how far you've come already Candice!
Thoughts are with you - no further advice as you've requested my dear friend.
Stay in touch -
Hugs and good wishes - Mary X

Kathy Wills said...

sometimes a road trip alone is just what the jumbled mind needs. safe journey

angiemanzi said...

You are embarking on another adventure. What would life be without them. Some are better than others, but they keep us going.

Merle said...

I think you are allowed some internet time in the asylum (if you behave)! ;) Sounds like everything is moving along. I think you might enjoy the road trip after all the flurry of packing and the movers. Some good music and some good snacks always help, and of course the kitties will be there with you. Good luck with everything and be safe.

donna baker said...

This moving thing is the worst thing that has happened to me in a long time. Since my husband is sick, I packed up the whole house and moved loads off. That and all the paperwork, inspections make me never want to move again. Moral of the story, save your money. Don't buy too much stuff.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Merle, on one hand yes, on the other not so much. A day trip is good, a 3 day trip is scary to me.

Angie .. yeah, I prefer the ones that are better than others lol

Kathy, if I could choose, a flight to Argentina would be more fun.

Thank you sweet Mary.

Rosemary- pounds lost already .. I guess I can think about shopping in those huge Florida malls ?

Thanks to everyone. I wish you could all come along on the road trip.

hetismij2 said...

Sometimes you have to pay a bit extra to get the company which feels right for you. I really hope they are.

Good luck with all the packing, and the road trip. It will be scary to start with, but hopefully you will get to enjoy it.

You are a strong woman, who has been through so much - a measly little three day drive on your own isn't going to defeat you. Is it?

Hey I'd offer to come and keep you company - it sounds like a great adventure, but I'm a bit too far away.

Please don't stop blogging, even if you take a break for the next few hectic weeks.

Good luck with it all,

love Heti

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Good luck, I know that you can do this. You might want to ask your vet about tranquilizers for the cats, it could help make it a much easier trip for all of you.

Incidentally, I think you might enjoy a post I just put up, it is a Miss Twiggley post and quite cute.

Wu Walters said...

In a month or so, you will be getting settled in Sunny Florida and this unpleasantness will all be behind you :)

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