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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What a Day !

The first of the movers came to give me an estimate.
He didn't  know much .. he was just happy to sit on the sofa with the air conditioning and ask me questions and try to figure out where is Argentina.

Then he told me a few facts.
The more he told me, the less I wanted this company to pack and deliver my belongings .

I got no sense of security that this company would care if they broke my dining room table or chairs, he showed a little too much interest in some of the art and had a nice moment of trying to talk me into making a deal right now, on the spot, let's do it !

So then I got mail that freaked me out until I made a phone call and realized that that mail no longer applies to me. Someone else gets to deal with it.

A decision has been made though.

I definitely want a dog when I get moved .

lol ... enough of this talk about movers and lawyers and ugly realtors, no more panic attacks .. let's rent a pretty condo in Florida and laugh all winter long.
Lets settle the kitties into their new nest then when they think life is just grand, let's give them a puppy to play with.

I veer from small cute little things to nice big protection types.
I grew up with German Shepherds.
During my marriage we had 2 Standard Poodles. Tate was so much more than a dog. Any of you reading this knows exactly what I mean.

My cats are my babies but it would be nice to walk a dog. Have a dog make a sound or show me in some way that there is a person outside the door .. window .. whatever.

So as soon as I have packed, which is kind of what I should be doing now, the mover will be chosen, they will take my stuff to Florida and I will be right behind them.
Kitties and dreams held close.

I look forward to more happy stressless days than days like this.


  1. Yay! I'm glad things are going better! And yes, that mover man sounds a little fishy. I certainly would NOT have wanted to make a deal right then. I have always been partial to larger dogs. Alas, we have 2 kitties and no dogs. Not really sure why that is. But lately, on facebook, (I've kind of given up on Facebook except for a few pages I love,) I've started following a page called Barney to the Rescue. He's an adorable rescued mix of a pup. Can't remember which breeds right now, because, of course, I'm trying to remember. Definitely part Bichon Frise though. He is one of the most ADORABLE dogs I've ever SEEN. No exaggeration. So many wonderful dogs out there!

    Anyway.. please keep us posted on your moving and traveling adventures. Big hug to you Candice! :)

  2. You sound like me. LOL One of the reasons I don't have a dog is because I can't decide what kind to have...really kind of silly. But, there are so many to choose from and probably what I should really do is rescue one. The caveat is that it would have to share with Miss Twiggley and a puppy would probably accommodate that better.

  3. Candice,
    I am so glad you posted, I have been thinking of you packing! The mover does sound a bit sketchy. One nice thing about a job like packing is that you can put on some good music and think about a million things, sometime manual labor is just good for us (very few times, but sometimes). I am so happy things are going smoothly. If you believe the Farmers Almanac, you are moving at the right time. It looks like this winter will be a pain and you will be missing most of the Fl summer heat! Just keep plugging away and you will be in sunny Fl before you know it! Take care and safe travels.

  4. Your friend The Troll here...I grew up in Jacksonville Fl !!! What amazing fun it will be following your new life there. I went to school there from 1st grade through high school graduation. 7/8 of my family is still there, and I visit often. Around 5 years ago I bought and remodeled a beach house in Atlantic Beach...we're practically neighbors!

  5. That mover doesn't sound professional. I wouldn't hire this company, either. When I was small, I had a big dog. He was not German Shepherds (I think he was mixed breed) but he kind of had a face of German Shepherds :-)
    I hope you have a smooth move, and enjoy stressless days soon!

  6. You've probably already done this, but I find that Googling something like a moving company and reading the reviews is helpful. Then you toss the ones at the extremes and see what people in the middle say.

    What an opportunity, to get rid of stuff and pare it all down. Go for it~!

  7. LOL, Yes, Emm, I have done that already.
    Moving from the US to Argentina was the time to pare it all down. I have not collected much since we came back to the US so I think I am good with the "stuff" ..


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