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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Life in Buenos Aires .... as we knew it.

Walk  down memory lane with me. I am homesick.
My husband and I walked everywhere in Buenos Aires. We took the dog everywhere with us and we walked everywhere , exploring and learning the city and our neighborhood .. we were like a blind mans fingers ... we had to feel our way everywhere to learn it.
We took Tate for a  morning walk and that walk would end up with us stopping for lunch at an outdoor cafe somewhere ... wandering back home after, stopping for something in a shop or fruteria, ending up tired and happy back home.
We all slept very well, always.

I always carried my camera.
I knew there would come a day when I would want to see That day ... little did I know how great my losses would be and how much those photos mean now.

So here we go ... a usual day, wandering, stopping and looking, taking a break, cafe stop, pick up something for dinner, rest on a bench in the park .. say hello to Pup's friends the mounted policemens horses .. the walk from the park to our door was only 2 blocks .. but it took forever because all the doormen would come out and say Buenos Tardes, and have to give Pup a pet and sometimes a kiss.
He was happy, so were we.

We would walk up the hill ( 2 blocks) to the British Embassy and the parks that stretched out below .
This was called La Isla ... the island.
Going home we would pass Recoleta Cemetery
Home by the time the sun would begin to set, tired and content to be home again.
To be continued .......


  1. I have heard it is a beautiful city and good to remember the joy you had there.

  2. What a beautiful city this must be and what lovely memories you have of your time there. These photos must be very precious to you. I hope someday you can return for a visit.


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