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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back then

Tate (Pup) was quite a Dog About Town , wherever we lived but he was treated royally in Buenos Aires. They / most of the people there, had never even seen a full size Standard Poodle and being as outgoing and friendly as they were, we were constantly stopped by people asking what he was, then kissing him.
That dog got more kisses  !! Kind of made a person say, Wait ... what about me !

He was always the best of dogs, he was well trained and well behaved but his personality was what won him friends wherever he went.
He was sweet. Just as sweet as he could be.
He was amazing looking, his hair was much darker when he was younger, a rich dark brown. With big amber eyes. And being a smart dog, he was easy to train so he was so sweet when we would stop to talk to someone in the street, he would sit. If they reached out to say hello, he would offer them a paw. He allowed countless women to kiss him. He loved other dogs, especially small ones and it was quite the sight to see this very large dog bouncing around , tail up, head down, with a little terrier or mini poodle.. but when the big dogs came along, we had to be careful.
You see, they rarely neuter their male dogs in BA . Pup was neutered.
An un-nuetered dog will sniff the neutered dog and not be able to figure it out- male ? female? Might as well try to mount it and find out .
So we / he was always dodging the big boys looking for some exotic fun.

Because he was so sweet and well behaved, we were allowed to take him into most outdoor cafes and into a lot of shops.
I remember a shoe shop lady letting him in and he promptly lay down on the floor by the chair where I tried on shoes and went to sleep.
Oh ... Mom is trying on shoes ... ho hum ... zzzzzz.

The Portenoes being the way they were, he was petted and kissed every day.
In cafes, the waiters would always bring him a big bowl of water.

These are part of the days of our lives in Buenos Aires ... the usual part .. the daily life ..
It is sometimes almost more than I can bear for everything to have changed so much so quickly.

I want to go back there. But would it be the same ?
My house is for sale.
I have found the house I want to buy.
I play with the idea of flying to Buenos Aires for a holiday when this house sells.
After moving in to the new house ... just a week ... or two ... the cats won't like it but I have such a longing to go back to BA ..

More people are looking at the house again.
One seems more interested than others.
The weather is perfect every day.
The cats are good ... they sleep in my bed every night.
Sometimes I wake up in the night and instead of the other pillow next to my head, there is something large and hairy.
Sometimes the small and hairy one wakes up too early and wants to wash my eyebrows.
We all get up early and enjoy the gardens in the morning light with so many birds and chipmunks.

The house I hope to buy has a mountain with a forest behind it.
I wonder what will be seen in the morning light there !

Enjoy your Sunday ~


  1. I always wanted a standard Poodle, they are so regal and as I hear, very smart. Certain pets always have a special place in our hearts and Tate sounds very, very special.

  2. Yes, a good Standard or even small poodle is very smart.
    Tate definitely had that special place in both our hearts ..I miss him as much as I miss the others I have lost in recent years ... sad, how everything was so perfect then suddenly such huge losses ... my whole world is still sort of reeling from it.


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