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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Settling in with the kitties

On the street where I lived.
See how pretty Autumn is in South America also ?
Today is a dark gloomy day in Upstate New York. Rain is just around the corner ... I might hear a bit of rumbling thunder .
The cats are in the garden room, napping on pillows placed at the doors where they can get all the fresh air and not wander away.
I have separation issues/ loss issues ... those cats cannot get lost or wander away. It would just about do me in.
I get panic attacks when I leave them here for the realtor to show the house. I have been leaving Minette in the big crate, now with Merlin, I will have to take one with me in the car carrier .. we will sit in the driveway at the farm up the road and listen to music.
I think Merlin might do better with that, he is just such a big floppy relaxed boy .. he just makes me smile when I see him. A large mound of hair . That walks. Slowly. Very slowly.

I have had no visitors in such a long time.
Now my sweet neighbor who moved to Florida is up here visiting the family and I get to visit too and see the baby !
Oh my ... me and babies.. we get along just fine.

The realtor has not called, emailed or shown any sign of any interest in the house.
She is obviously   not interested either ...  in the house or in me .
I will bide my time. Not much more I can do.
Plus my goal has been to try not to be upset over every little thing that happens. My husbands company did that for me .. he was the most Zen of men.
I was just soothed being in the same room with him.
Now , well, let's just say that no one would use the word Zen when describing me.

I baked blueberry cake yesterday.
Like a cobbler really but more dry.

I don't especially like blueberries but I like to bake.
I am giving it to people as a gift.
What might be seen as a good news bad news gift  ...

Well, more storms and rain coming.
I guess I will run any errands I need to run now - then settle in with the kitties and my very good book.

This is exactly what Merlin looks like
And this is Minette


  1. I have come over from John's blog.
    I looked at your 3 blog's The Adopted/cruelty one is heart breaking. I would adopt the 2 that need to be together.Or the two that are so old.
    My two Square Ones are 12 and 17 and both with health issues.
    I would like to at lest foster old dogs that do not have a chance to be adopted.
    There is so much cruelty in the world today it breaks my heart. But I am so ill myself right now that I know I couldn't handle it.
    So do you live in upstate NY or Buenos Aires ? I am confused ? but that seems to be my default setting.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Well Ms Parsnip, I emailed you with all the facts.
    Don't you just love John ? :)
    I am in NY .. wishing I was in BA :)

  3. Your cats are so beautiful and so different. Some coworkers and I are in the process of trying to rescue a mama cat and her three kittens. They are in a storm drain. The mom can get out but the kittens are too little. Fortunately we live in California and aren't worried about rain. We are feeding them all and working to gain their trust. Today the kittens ate while we stood above the grate and talked. Progress!

    Good luck with your house. I so look forward to the day when you tell us it has sold! Not as much as you do of course but we are all wishing and praying it happens soon.


  4. Carrie ! Good luck with the cat/kittens ! How kind you and your coworkers are !


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