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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, waking up to absolute silence ... if you don't  count the snoring of one very old, very sweet cat .. as I lay there just deciding if I want to go back to sleep or get up and face the day, Minette made the decision.
Sleeping at the foot of the bed, she walked up me, sniffed my face, made sure my eyes were open then she hopped down and stood at the bedroom door .. waiting ... no sign of life from me... back to the bed, hop up, stare at my face ... pat my cheek .. mama .... mamaaaa.
Okay okay ... I am up.

Little old Merlin looked up ... went back to sleep.

Half an hour later:

One cup of coffee enjoyed ... 2 cats full of breakfast and taking sun naps in the garden room.
I want to go back to bed ...

It is one of those sparkling days .. the air looks like it is effervescent .. you can smell how clean it is.
Farm country. One of the perks I guess.

I am no closer to selling my house or buying the one I want.
I am closer to depression and just saying to hell with it all and moving to Florida.

I have more friends in Florida than I do here and the appeal of not dealing with snow for half the year is strong.

We will see what happens with the Little House that I have my heart set on.
 My realtor could give a ****.

She no longer calls, seems like she no longer tries and she certainly no longer speaks to me with the respect that most people deserve. Funny, for someone who works for commissions, you would think they would at least talk to the person they are working for with some respect .. some sort of cordiality.
The house I want to buy when this one sells ... is her listing so I can't get too exuberant in my telling her to get lost ~

So I am fighting off depression by looking at clothes online , deciding if I really want to live in Florida and what kind of shoes should I get for the summer.
I have many pairs of nice shoes from Buenos Aires, but sometimes a pair of shoes will cheer a girl up.
Plus what they wear in the streets of the city of Buenos Aires, is not always what they wear in Upstate New York .. land of  farms , orchards and villages. . cows and sheep.

I want to hear about other people ... what do you do on Sundays ?
( did you see the race yesterday ? I did. I cried. There is something about a magnificent horse running as fast as it can, almost skimming the ground, flying ahead of a pack of horses who are trying their hardest to catch up ... breathtaking ...

I think I hear a kitty calling, tell me about your Sunday ~


  1. I am watching Sunday Morning. A ritual now for over 20 years. A cup of coffee and my sweet Jack Russell sleeping on a pillow next to me. The sun is shining,crisp and warm,palm trees are a swayin'. We had rain here in June which has never happened.A balmy 95 today.
    I will make roasted tomatoes and harvest some fresh basil for a caprese salad with a glass of pinot grigio for lunch.Then a nice nap or some mystery reading. Church later tonight.

    Lose the realtor. :)

  2. Oh what a nice day you are going to have !
    A caprese salad sounds perfect.
    My new kitty is asleep in his igloo and Minette is basking in the sun in the garden room.
    I am going to go for a drive, just to get out of the house :)

  3. Gardening, church, delicious hamburger, and now I'm about to go plant geraniums. My DH has a chronic illness which is getting worse. I finally put his name on the prayer list and many kind friends offered to help. Right now I don't need their help, but I sure needed their offering to help. It made me feel cared for and much less alone.

    How much longer are you obligated to your realtor? I hope not too long. Several years ago, I had a realtor who was so laid back that she never did anything to sell our house. Finally I ,told her to do an Open House. After a year of no offers, I had two competing offers that same day. We were so happy to actually sell our house! I hope maybe something like this will work for you soon.

  4. Sarah ! I will say a prayer for your husband too .
    I know the feeling of just knowing someone cares, that not feeling all alone in a huge universe .. it does help.
    I don't know how long I have to keep her. I was wondering the other day how to find a way out.
    She was so kind to me when my husband died but she has been so mean and now she is ignoring me completely. Senile perhaps / I don't know but I need a realtor who will actually do some work and call me now and then.
    I was thinking of doing an Open House.
    I will put the kitties in my car and we will go for a drive. They will hate me.
    But maybe it will get some responses, the realtor is certainly not doing anything.
    Thank you .. I hope you and your husband still have many more good days than bad.

  5. Look on the contract you signed with your realtor or if she works for a company, find out their standard policy on line or with a phone call.
    I think contracts are usually three or six months. Next time only sign up for three months if you can.

    Go ahead and ask for an Open House even if she says it won't help. It would help to go down a little in price, too. Seven or eight years ago Fodors Lounger realtors gave me lots of good ideas. Click on my name Saraho to search for them in 2007, I think.
    And yes, I buried St. Joseph, too. Oops, I forgot to dig him up again, so he is probably mad at me. :-)

    Thanks for your kind words about my husband.

  6. This Sunday was spent doing nothing, sitting in the sun next to our campervan in a delightful part of the Netherlands. We are on a small campsite, surrounded by friendly fellow campers. We walked Timer along the stream nearby, and listened to the birds singing. A lovely, do nothing day.
    Tomorrow we move on, and meet up with our eldest son at another campsite, on the Rhine near Arnhem. He will be on his motorbike, with his little tent. His girlfriend is on an introduction week for her new study, and he has no guests on his ship, so he is taking a few days off. It will be good to see him again.

    I hope your Sunday is a good one. Sack the realtor, find a new one. We learned the mistake of thinking someone you were doing business with was your friend a few years back. Give the kitties a cuddle from me. Look after yourself.


  7. I mentioned an Open House .. no word back on that yet.
    Right now she is avoiding/ignoring me.
    I need this, right ?

    She is getting sacked as soon as possible.

    Today I sat in the dirt :)
    It was lovely .

  8. Heti, she was so good to me when my husband died. She came here every single day, brought food and little delicacies to get me to eat .. she would just sit and let me cry or talk about him.
    I never dreamt she would behave this way- it is like an evil twin !
    I am leaving everything as is right now- my heart and mind are really not up to a big dust-up with a realtor.. Instead, I buried my sorrows in the garden .. besitos ..

  9. I always spend Sundays working in the garden. Here in California it is pretty much possible weather-wise all year around. I am also project oriented and usually have something in the works around the house.

    Being alone now I find that the weekends can be long, and sometimes very lonely. I try to think of that and plan a special treat for myself...maybe a good Netflix movie to watch, a visit to the plant nursery or some little delight tidbit to eat.

    Miss Twiggley sends a hello to your feline family. I hope your house sells soon.

  10. My husband and I were supposed to spend the weekend together since I was gone last weekend and will be this upcoming weekend too. He had to work- testing a satellite is a lot of work. I know this since we both work at the same company. I went for a walk. Met 2 girlfriends for tea. Did laundry. Rearranged the living room. Vacuumed up pet hair. I did everything but relax. I always say I will and then I dont. I read your blog. I love your blog. It details real life vs just the highlights. So refreshing.

  11. It is NEVER a good idea for a potential Realtor and the seller/buyer to have ever had any kind of relationship. Under any circumstance. Nothing but trouble. Call 3, interview them as though they were an employee. Make them give you a time line of what they will do, when... 3mnths Max. Only renew contract if they live up to their plan that they submitted to you to get the listing. And make sure they advertise your house online. You will have to be a bitch. Or you will be there a year from now. It's business, not personal
    Good luck.
    I thought you would have moved on by now.
    Call this useless woman tomorrow... Leave message for her to call asap.... Your terminating her contact
    Then do it.... No matter what excuse she gives. Give her a specific day that she better call you buy... You want her sign off your property by such and such a day... You'll feel better... And your moving... So who cares what she thinks or says anyway.

  12. Selling a home is a business transaction and must be treated as such. Devoid of emotion.

    In the meantime, paint a room. 'Stage' your home. Dress it up for success.

    And, hold your head high and don't let anyone else influence your forward motion.

  13. I don't blame you one bit for being ticked off. Time to have a Plan B with other realtors.

    Best of luck and I feel for you.


  14. Thank you .. this is the 4th house I have participated in buying / selling, I have that part down fine.
    It is the Not Nice realtors that are the issue. Lucky for us, all prior realtors ( especially Buenos Aires) were wonderful and completely professional and ethical. So one out of 5 isn't too bad.

    Phil ... I am giving her until the end of the week then it is ultimatum time ..
    Good thing is ... at least where I live at the moment, property prices are going up and the area is fairly popular for City People too.

  15. I cried as well when I watched the horse race! My daughter rode for years before she went off to school and I miss going to the barn to see those magnificent animals!

  16. Would the realtor accept a deposit on the house you want contingent on selling your house? That should get her moving!!


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