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Monday, June 1, 2015

Spring Showers

It is one of those grey , wet, chilly days with everything that has bloomed glowing in the gloom.
The green of the new leaves on the trees is very intense, the purple Iris pops out at you from the sea of green green grass.
The Dogwoods bloomed, white flowers. There are red berries all over one of the shrubs.
One red  tulip bloomed and died.
A gazillion shades of green, the fields in back were cut, now they are chartreuse, the trees are all dark, some almost black - green.
I like it.

Minette and sweet Merlin are managing to stay in the same room together, although he is the sweetest most quiet darling creature, she snarls, hisses and makes threatening gestures if he is too close.
God bless him, his eyesight is so bad, I don't know if he even sees her before he hears her.
I am making sure she doesn't manage to smack him .. he has enough to deal with.

Tomorrow I am taking him to a groomer   who works at the County Shelter.
She will give poor Merlin a hair cut. His mats are terrible and I don't want him uncomfortable in any way. He can barely see, he doesn't need his skin to hurt too !
I adore this cat.
He sleeps on the bed all night, so of course, Minette does too.
He will stay in the same spot and be quiet, she will get up early and fuss about him being there.
Prima dona.

Time for a cup of tea and a snuggle on the sofa with my magical cat boy. I adore him, did I mention that?

He is all hair.


  1. Such a wonderful thing you have done in adopting Merlin. Not many senior cats get a second chance in life and he has. How did he happen to be in need of a new home at his age?
    Thank God for people like you, and yes me, who adopt pets in need of a forever home.
    Have a nice day and good luck on selling your home and purchasing a new one.

  2. Oh Madison, thank you so much !
    Everyone wants kittens, they are so cute and they have a long life ahead of them.
    I have one and one day I just thought she could use cat company. But then I thought of all those old cats that sit and wait. No one wants a not so cute playful cat ..
    I saw a photo of Merlin and I went to the shelter and asked to see him.
    They handed him to me and he was this warm, armful of hair with fragile bones and huge eyes. Blue eyes.
    So I told him he was coming home now and that was that.
    I can't imagine not having him now. He sleeps on my bed .. Minette likes him too.
    They are cute together .. he watches her. The nap on the same sofa sometimes.
    It is all good.

  3. Merlin is so adorable! Do show us his haircut.


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