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Saturday, April 11, 2015

This is Fudge

This is Fudge.
He was rescued in Long Island, NY.
He was used as a "bait" dog for dog fighting. He is covered in wounds and infections and in constant pain but when someone touches him gently and speaks to him, with love, he relaxed and fell asleep... Maybe for the first time in his life, not afraid of being treated unkindly.

The muzzle is because he has bite wounds that are infected ... on his face.

He will be in a foster home then adopted by an angel somewhere, when his wounds have healed.

Even now, in pain and having been close to death, he is gentle and sweet .. all he wants is to be loved.   Human Angels , if you ask me.


  1. This made me cry. Animal cruelty is horrific
    Although I cannot give him a home I pray someone kind and gentle, yes an angel person, will.
    Mary X

  2. Stories like this make me so angry. How can people be so cruel?! There is no punishment too harsh for a person who would do this to another living being.


  3. I will never understand such horrible behavior and, sadly, these people have no remorse or conscience...does Michael Vick come to mind? Thank God there are some of us that adopt animals in need of loving homes. Hugs to Minette.

  4. Tears in my eyes. How horrible. Humans who do something like that are not worth to be called 'humans'. Thank God the dog is in good hands now and hopefully will have a good life as from now on. xxx

  5. How sad it is that only humans that are intentionally cruel. We have much to learn from animals. This is so sad, but fortunately he will now have a good home and love.

  6. La Vie .. it makes a person hope that dogs forget the bad stuff and only remember the good.


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