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Monday, April 13, 2015

A Year Later - A New Chapter

Over a year later ..
I am not terrified to be alone in the house.
I am not quite as afraid of the dark.
I am still terrified of the basement and I think everyone else is too.

I figured out how to pay bills, keep up with things and buy enough groceries to be snowed in without worrying about joining the Donner party.

I have to give a lot of credit / most of the credit, to Minette.
I have to get up in the morning. She won't have it any other way.
If I am sad, I can pick her up and tell her about it.. weep all over her and probably get a bit of a snuggle before she bites my nose.
If there is a big noise, she will run straight for me.
I snuggle her and we are a comfort to each other.
I don't bite her nose.

I managed well this winter. I am sure all insane people think they are managing well but I haven't gotten any funny looks so I think I got through some of the worst days of my life .. without completely crumbling into a little pile of sad dust.

Minette keeps things sane for me .. or insane but functioning.

The house is For Sale.
I love my realtor, she came to my house every day after my husband died and brought me food and sat and let me weep and talk and weep.
She is so much more than just "my realtor.
Aside from my little family here, I will miss her so much.

But I will go to my other little family.
Who are both much taller than I ... good thing Minette doesn't have a tall people complex.

I am looking at homes online again.
I am falling in love with hidden patios, tiled roofs and arched doorways .. modern appliances and sunshine .. most of the year .
My skin doctor will be happy to see me. every month.

Minette will be amazed, she will Ride in the Car.
Pup loved Riding in the Car.
Minette, I have a feeling , is going to hate it.
Locked in her crate all day , no view, forced to listen to whatever music we have on the radio.
I will have to find some good CDs for Kittens.
Maybe I will let her sleep with me .. make it up to her somehow .. unless she decides to sleep on my head and chew my hair ... why does she do that ? why ??

So the house is being shown to HouseHunters.
Time for a New Chapter to begin.



  1. Have you decided to move to Florida or stay fairly near to your children? Whatever your choice I wish you the very best in your search.

  2. Madison, I am moving to Florida.
    Near one of my children :)
    Thank you ! I kind of enjoy house hunting and it will be nice to get settled and not have to think about it all anymore. Minette is excited, she said she never stayed in a hotel before.

  3. Wishing you success and peace in the house sale/search/move.

  4. From reading your blog, it seems like you have made a well thought-out and wise decision. It seems like Florida will be an excellent place to begin your next chapter, especially with your daughter there. Congratulations on finding your way and surviving. Now I hope your house sells quickly and you are able to move ahead quickly now that your decision in made.

  5. Congratulations on your decision! Northern, central or southern Florida?

    I know what you mean about patios and courtyards arched doorways and tiled roofs. Put a fountain in your courtyard and Minette will have all kinds of new birds to look at. What will she do when she sees her first dancing sand crane?

  6. Hurray for you! Cheering you on from Japan where I have only recently discovered your blog . I read back through all the sad times, marvelling at your strength.

  7. Teacups. :) thank you ...from your mouth to Gods ears ! I have seen these townhouses, they appeal to me in their Spanish style .. the really great thing about Florida .. it is a shorter flight to Argentina lol

    Anony- Northern Florida .. We lived there for a year a long time ago. It will be new to me, being alone and yes, Minettes little brain will freeze, birds !! big birds !! A chipmunk sends her into a frenzy , a large bird might be too much to cope with lol.

    Anony, my son lived in Japan for many years. We always wanted to go and visit but you know what they say, you plan and you plan then Life happens. We ended up in Argentina ..
    Thank you !!

  8. I bet you will love your new location. It's always fun to see your things in a new place, and if you need to add some new things, that's a bonus.

    Don't tell me you and Minette will be driving there. That's a long way to go with a cat in the car. She will yowl and moan, but just keep telling her, "Nearly there."

  9. LOL, Carolyn, Minette has a dog crate that I can put her in , in the car and hotel or wherever . It is very big .. she uses it here when we have the realtor coming with people into the house, Minette goes into her safe place.
    My daughter is flying up so she can drive down with me, I won't be alone .. although I don't look forward to that long drive.

  10. Congratulations on your decision!!! How wonderful, warm weather AND family! I hope you and Minette have a wonderful trip.
    Stay safe

  11. Northern Florida! You'll be in my 'hood! Until I leave that is...dang! I've only been here myself for about eight months, but I've loved the winter here, and am finding things to appreciate about the rapidly approaching summer besides the heat :-) ...

    So very happy for you; I understand being far from family, and it's lovely to be able to see loved ones more often. Sending good wishes for a fast sale your way.

  12. Vivian, merci beaucoup ! Jacksonville .. who woulda thunk it ? :)
    I like the idea that I can drive to Savannah or the Gulf Coast and hang out with friends too .. and there are a couple of loved ones in Fl who will make me feel at home.
    I love it here so much but I can't live here by myself.
    I was born in the desert, I lived in California and Hawaii, no one told me about snow shovels or emergency generators. :(

  13. How wonderful....
    Have you sold yet?
    Do you know when you are going?
    Oh....gosh.....very exciting, Candice!
    Your daughter will be thrilled!
    Linda :o)

  14. Thank you Linda. No the house is still For Sale.
    When that happens, I will leave here.
    New beginnings, again :)

  15. So happy for you - that you have survived such pain and made a decision on where to move. I am excited to hear about your new adventures and the dog/cat stories you will tell when minnette gets a playmate!

  16. Candice, I'm happy that you have now made your decision to move south - I think you will be happy there and Minette will get used to the warm weather. Personally I cannot do Florida, but then I cannot do any tropical area for long. Being raised in England I just like cool and some rain, or better still cool and sunshine. Even here in NC I die during the humid Summers

    Keep up us to date - hope the house sells soon.
    Hugs - Mary

  17. Anony, I am so excited about getting a little dog .. Minette will show it how Things are Done in Her house :)
    Mary - Personally, I can't do the NorthEast anymore.
    I grew up in North Carolina, I know what you mean.
    But I also look at it this way- here I am trapped in the house with bitter (sometimes deadly) cold and snow much of the winter. In Florida I will be stuck inside with the a/c for a few months but I can still drive and go places .. unlike here in winter.
    So I think taking the good with the bad, Florida is not such a bad idea.

  18. I lived in JAX for 5 years and Buenos Aires for 8. The humidity in JAX is no worse than BA in summer. You will be fine.

  19. I know I will be fine. Although I would prefer the humidity of BA :)

  20. I love that you are so decisive in moving far away. I despise winter, so I think Florida will be wonderful. I don't know how people up north can handle winter. Must be genetic or something. Best wishes on the move.

  21. donna baker ... Thank you dear.
    I can always come back up here and spend time when Fl gets too warm, or fly to BA for a bit of Argentine winter .. I think things will just be easier all way round , living in Fl.

  22. carrie, I missed your comment ... thank you so much !

  23. New adventures on the horizon! You are taking us with you, right? ;-)

  24. I am glad you have made your decision. What a relief to plan a new adventure.

    I do like North Florida. My brother and his wife have lived in Orange Park just outside of Jacksonville for thirty years so I have visited there many times. Actually they are downsizing and have just put their lovely house on the market. They are moving to Gainesville to be closer to their daughter. The house prices in Florida are so much cheaper than in the northeast, maybe even half the price.

    Good luck in finding just the house that you and Minette will love.

  25. Saraho, I have more friends on the West Coast of Fl than I do anywhere else lol so I think it might work out fine. The shorter trip to Buenos Aires from Florida isn't bad either .. Thank you !

  26. I know your feelings about BA and do share some. However there are things about the current BA situation that are more scary than your basement.

  27. LOL ... Anony, that is pretty scary ! thank you for my morning laugh ..

  28. A perfect plan! Minette might like going to the beach.

    I plan on moving to the desert when I quit working. I don't care how hot it is...better than snow and cold in my book.

    Hope your house sells ASAP so you can get this show on the road.


  29. Phil, I was born in Tucson Az .. I love desert dry air and the nights when the stars are just so close in the very dark skies ... it is a dry heat LOL

  30. I've been away for a couple of days, visiting my son, so I am just catching up here.

    I am so happy for you. Florida sounds ideal, near your daughter and big grandson, and hardly ever any snow.
    I hope someone buys your house really soon so that you, and Minette, can start the next chapter in your life.


  31. Congrats and strength to you. Tough stuff to have come through but your forward plans have sense to them... I hope it all plays out well for you and your little tribe


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