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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

When is Spring ?

I admit it, I got up and looked out the windows and saw that it was not snowing or doing anything else and I did a Happy Dance, right there with the kitten.
 Well , she watched, she isn't really into Happy Dancing yet.

She does do a little Kitten Hop when she gets a new toy .. or as in today- when I took an old toy that I put away, and threw it for her and she went all nutty because she had a ...New Toy , Oh boy Oh boy A New Toy !!!!

So I did a few things around the house and decided to go look at a few homes that were on Trulia.
I drove around and it was depressing, I couldn't find the right street or homes and one that looked really charming , although old, in the photos online, was one big sneeze from falling down.
I think it was built in the 1800's and has had little work done since.

So disheartened , I came home.

I told the kitten that we were going to have to just wait and see what happens and I got my Murder Mystery and got cozy on the sofa with the kitten and read my book.

Thinking that tomorrow, maybe I would go to a different town and browse around a shop or even go to Great Barrington ...
While I was having dinner I kept hearing this noise.
I kept getting up and walking around trying to figure out what it was ... then I realized, it was a tapping sound. tap tap tap .... ice ... on ... the ... windows.

We are now having an ice storm.

I have cat food, eggs, coffee, and pasta ... Minette and I can make it til Spring.

When is Spring again ?


  1. March 20th......I think....
    Clocks forward this weekend....
    Just around the bend....

    Linda :o)

  2. While we are having an ice/snow storm, Minnette and I are settled in watching television and planning tomorrows Indoor activities. :)

    The little house I wanted so much has been sold.
    I have a lot of thinking to do about where I really want to live and what kind of life I want from now on.

  3. Oh, that is a bummer Candice, sorry your little house has gone.

    Spring is just around the corner, and will be so much more welcome when it finally arrives after your nightmare winter.

    If your house sells before you have found somewhere else then maybe you could put the furniture in store, and Minette in her carrier and go for a long trip somewhere - maybe a road trip in the US or fly somewhere (Paris??). The change will do you both good.

    I wish you wisdom in deciding what to do next. Good luck!


  4. Heti .. I like your thinking, Minette has mentioned that she would like to see what all the fuss is about with Paris . I wouldn't mind going to see friends in Buenos Aires .. but most likely I will end up just finding a new house and enjoy moving and decorating. I do like the decorating part :)

  5. Spring? It will definitely happen in 2015, but maybe not till after summer.

    So so sorry about the house that got away. I know the feeling--this, this, this! is the one, and then whoops, it isn't.

    I believe there's a better house for you out there, a nice fit for you and Minette and your visitors, and a blank canvas so you can have all the fun of decorating.

  6. Yes Carolyn, people keep telling me that but I want to see it to believe it :)
    That did happen to us once a long time ago, and the house we ended up with was 100 times better so I am hanging on to that though. Thank you so much :)

  7. I am hanging on to that Thought ! lol early morning typing disability ..

  8. According to the UK Met Office it is spring now they end winter on 28th (or 29th) Feb.

    However - we had a hail storm in London yesterday (3rd March) so winter not done with us yet...

  9. Ahhhh, Graham .. We know Winter is supposed to end at the end of February but someone forgot to tell Winter !


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