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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I am cold. I have been cold for months and I am tired of it.
The kitten is annoying. She is bored. So am I but I don't climb in the windows and knock things off.
I have to stay home, there are deliveries expected.
It is sunny and bright and dry. I should be out driving around, looking at houses. Or shopping for shoes. or something.

My sugar levels are probably low, a big bite of my chocolate mousse birthday cake might be needed.
What will I do when it is All Gone ?
It does not bear thinking about.

So while I am bored and cold and having sugar levels plummeting, I am looking at dogs for adoption.
I know , I know, I am a masochist.

Of course I found one. I am not looking at this time, for a puppy to house train and keep from chewing all the furniture, I have Minette for that .. she still sharpens her claws on that damned sofa brought all the way back here from Buenos Aires.
The thing is a monster and weighs more than my car and wherever I go for the rest of my life, I guess I will have to take The Sofa with me.
So I don't want it to look like a Cat Scratching Post.

His name is Boone. He is an elderly black lab mix. He has a face that will break your heart, and no one wants an old dog and I saw his face and knew that I should adopt him and give him some last really really good years.
If you don't count the kitten who may drive him crazy .. but probably who will become his best friend for the rest of his life.

So what if I am going to move ? Does all of life come to a halt until I settle my real estate issues ?
No .. I was going to get a dog when I moved... so maybe I will get one now ..

The worst thing about having a dog right now is how cold it is outside .. to walk a dog in the cold here might be torture. But we will see ..

While I wait for deliveries, I am going to look at more real estate websites.
And wait for someone to come look at my house and buy it .. (from my mouth to Gods ears)

This is Boone ... do you blame me ?


  1. Boone is the business!!! What a beautiful face!!!

  2. Love that pup. I wish you many years with your adorable new companion. When it feels right, it just feels right. Good luck with Boone.


  3. His face is beautiful and sad. He needs to be in my house asap.
    Barbara, I have sent requests to the place where he is staying and will see what they have to tell me.
    I am not sure where he is now as the website says one thing and he is not at that location. He is with a family who is fostering him, what good people they are !
    Minette will cope, so will I .. if I can get him I am not waiting until warm weather, I will get him now and we will all muddle along together.
    He is better off in a home that is muddled a bit than no home at all. And he will have so much love, nothing else will matter.

  4. Boone has been adopted. not by me.
    When the Time is right, it will all happen easily.
    I am ok with that, warm weather is a better time to get a puppy, plus what if I move ? so this is ok .. at least Boone has a new family.

  5. I am happy that he has been adopted, although sorry that it was not by you.

    I, too, miss Buenos Aires. I miss the view of the Plaza San Martin from my (then) office. I miss the Calle Parera where I rentd my last apartment. I miss the 9 de Julio de noche con sus luces, su movimiento y su locura.

    I like to think that we take a bit of every place we have lived with us when we go.

    An idea for a new place: Look up Mission Hills... In San Diego, CA... All historic homes from the teens and twenties. And it's never that cold and rarely too hot.

    Hope spring arrives soon.


  6. Laurie, you describe it all so well :)
    I lived in Mission Hills as a child .. it is indeed a beautiful area . I have lived in SF, LA and San Diego, they are all great.


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