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Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Snow Chronicles ( or there is nothing else to write about )

It is bright and sunny out. Beautiful.
Even with nothing but snow in the view for as far as you can see.  But the sun is sparkling on the snow, the sky is so blue, birds are everywhere .. especially around my dining room porch where someone made really dark toast this morning and crumbled it up and put it out there ..there are no more bird seeds left.

They don't seem to mind.. those birds   haven't seen the ground in weeks either.

I am so glad that I   put out seeds etc for the chipmunks and birds  in Summer and Fall ... they need to be as fat as possible going into winter up here.
And since I have nothing else to worry about .  ... I worry about these little creatures starving in these long dreadfully cold winters.

If I am living up here next winter, there is a 99% chance that Minette and  I will go South.
How far, I am not sure of but I am not staying here through another long frozen isolated winter.

I thought I would manage better , this second winter alone.
In many ways I have ... Minette helps a huge amount ... but still .. she can't talk and she doesn't hold up her end of the cooking chores.

I am sick of my own cooking. I have no more ideas ..
I have no appetite so I end up eating miniature cinnamon rolls with gallons of hot tea.
Last night , I had broccoli for dinner. .. with cheese sauce.
And a cinnamon roll for dessert.

My young friend who lived up here and then moved to Florida with her husband, the young Marine.. is in labor right now.
A tiny little boy is on his way into the world.
I wish I were there .. I wish they were here .. you know what I mean .. what can cheer you up faster than a baby ? Especially when it belongs to someone else  ! you still get to sleep at night .. but you can enjoy that sweet little tiny being..

So .. the Weather Forecast is for more snow .. many inches.

See you in the Summer .. I will be the wild-eyed blonde, holding an equally wild eyed kitten, with cinnamon roll crumbs all over us.


  1. Minette s such a beautiful cat and such a lovely companion for you but, it's not quite the same as a human being, is it ?!!
    We have only had a light dusting of snow so far this winter but who knows what the next couple of months will bring ?
    ….. and, many, many thanks for your kind birthday wishes …. they mean a lot. Much love. XXXX

    1. Oh Jacqueline, I am glad you got my birthday wishes and I hope they all came true :) Minette and I are preparing for the next big snowstorm. I will come out of this looking like some demented mountain woman. so will Minette. much love to you too !


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