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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Just The Two Of Us ... Looking Towards the Future

In the Summer, I look out the windows towards the sky and see Tree tops.
Some sky but mostly tree tops.
 If I look straight out the back, there are shrubs, trees and vines and of course the grass and shrubs etc in the backyard.

Now ... I look out any window towards the sky and I see sky ! a lot of it ! Nice sky.
I see bare tree limbs, naked shrubs and trees and I can see the fields , golden brown, behind the house, beyond the bare naked trees.

I see more birds, the bird feeders need filling every   day ..
I always "spill" a little by the back patio where the chipmunks live.
Last year they got a bag of cashews for Christmas.

The deer will get a bale of hay this year.
I have to ask the man who owns the farm up the hill to drop one off ... poor things, last year they were eating birdseed .

In the Summer, I can't keep up with the birds, as far as which is which, what kind , do they live here year round or are they just summering up here like the City folk.

In the fall, they start to leave but others, new ones, stop by .. and there is always the sound, as I just now heard it again, of the Snow Geese, honking  and  flying, honking and flying .. headed South.
Better hurry, it has already snowed and I don't expect that to be the only time this year that we will get snow.
I think I am ready for it.
I think I will manage better than last year.

Minette makes a big difference.
Time makes a big difference.

Plans for my future help.

I am selling this house.
I hope to buy a little charming house nearby.
A house that would suit one lady and her cat.
A sweet little house that will not have ghosts or sad spots or memories that come along and slam into you when you turn your head just so.

And there is a garden with a grand birdbath/water fountain and flowers and garden walls.

And I can walk .. no more getting into the car to go to the market or Post Office, I can walk now !
It makes me feel a tiny bit Miss Marple-ish ..
Me , the cat and the house with gardens and birds.
Cross your fingers for me that it all works out .. Minette has her heart set on that house.
Just the right size for the 2 of us. With an occasional visitor of course.

But it is perfect for just the 2 of us.

Happy New Year !


  1. Dear Candice, I'm so hoping you are able to get your new little house - it will be perfect for you two. A fresh start is always good, not necessarily planned for, but the way for you to go now so that the years ahead will be easier for you. I admire your strength - you are doing well and I pray things will continue to make life good again for you and Minette.

    Know what you mean about the bird feeders - we spend a small fortune on keeping them filled - but it's worth it!

    Wishing you a new year that will bring many blessings your way.
    Hugs - Mary

  2. What a wonderful plan; it seems just lovely. Fingers crossed! I think it will happen....
    Best of everything for you and Minette in 2015,

  3. Your plan sounds just right! All the very best to you and Minette in the new year...


  4. Happy New Year to you and Minnette. You have shown great strength this year. When are you putting the house on the market?

  5. That sounds like a great plan! I know you will find that cosy house for you and Minette.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you !!
    The house is on the market as of last week.
    Great timing with holidays and all but we have begun !

  7. Good luck and hope all goes as planned. Sounds perfect.



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