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Thursday, January 15, 2015

In the Neighborhoods ( aka Homesick)

In the neighborhoods ... with the Spanish, English, French influence in Buenos Aires, the architecture is fabulous.
There are homes that look like something from a movie, some that belong in museum .. which is exactly what they did with the Evita Museum .. it was her home.
But there are a few things that are constant in the look of all the homes in BA ... balconies and grand windows. And they all have some sort of private gardens, in the back on the apartment buildings, in the back of the private homes, some homes with courtyards in the middle of the home .. glass ceilings and conservatories .. however they can let in the sunlight..
I love the balconies and the fact that almost all windows are French doors ..

And wherever possible, like most cities, there are Green spaces.
These Plane trees were brought to Buenos Aries in the 1800's I think it was ..
A man from Europe came to Argentina and planted the city with wonderful parks. Thays ..
His park is where we lived, where we walked the dog every day, where we wandered and sat and chatted and people watched and just enjoyed ourselves.

Pup was pretty fond of these parks too.
He couldn't believe his good luck, no one cared if he ran around without a leash .. he was a Good boy and never bothered people, although we did have a few problems with unneutered dogs off leash who thought Pup was a girl.
That led to a few confrontations, usually with me in the middle of it .. 2 large dogs and me .. the referee.
Sometimes the bodyguard. Always the mom .. even if he was a dog.
I still miss him.

I have a standing invitation to visit BA. I am trying to figure out how to manage it with houses and kittens .An idea is fermenting now .. we will see what comes of it.

The view from my living room doors .. tiny balconies holding pots of geraniums that always ended up also holding a doves nest each year. Many a baby dove started out on our balcony.
I look at these photos then I look out my window.
We had fresh snow today. "Snow squalls"
Minette is hiding in her crate, sleeping in her igloo, she muttered something about "Call me when it is Summer" ... I might join her.

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  1. I'm with Minette. I want summer too! :)

    Those homes are gorgeous. No wonder you miss it there. I love French doors and big windows. Love, love, love!


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