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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Here and There ...


I would say that this is cold enough.
It might be time for me to consider moving farther South than half a mile away, when/if I ever sell this house.

I have a feeling that moving a mile away is not going to put me in a milder winter zone..don't you think ?

Minette wants to go back to bed.
She didn't even want to go out to the Garden room and watch the birds.
She hates snow.
We agree.

I think I will work on the closets today.
That is something we always put off , I want to have to pack less clothing that I will never wear .  .. yes, I hate to throw things away .. I always feel like as soon as I throw it away, I will need it.  

But if I am lucky and this house sells soon and I buy the little house I want .. the closet situation will be greatly changed. 
As in here.. I have massive closets, there... I will have mini closets .. old fashioned small closets.
Something tells me I will be having closets made or those special shelf things put in to make them all more usable. 
The house was used as a second home, she didn't have a big wardrobe here ... 
I never throw anything away- I need Big Closets !!

In Buenos Aires, we bought an apartment that was in a small building from the late 1800s. The building was a former home .. of my neighbor on our floor  actually.

The building was converted into apartments at some time, many many years ago and it had all the character one would expect with the look of French interiors.
High high ceilings, french doors everywhere, windows that were as big as doors and molding ... everywhere .. 
The former maids room became our walk in closet .. dressing room.. heavenly. a room with a window/view and closets to the ceiling. Once in a lifetime for me I think .
Before we moved in.. the painters came and painted the entire place .. walls, a warm cream color, molding very white. Floors were stripped, sanded, revarnished.
We went on daily shopping trips to neighborhoods known for Furniture made in Argentina, Antiques, Lights, fabrics , appliances.. 
I had kitchen appliances from France, the desk I am sitting at now was made by artisans out in the countryside in Argentina, the sofa was made in Italy and the Thonet dining set is from France.
We had a very "Continental " apartment .
I liked to pretend I was in Paris . 

I like this house for a few things, windows everywhere .. huge windows. Views are gardens, woods, fields, skies. Squirrels, chipmunks, a gazillion birds, hawks, a snake and now and then Mrs Woodchuck . But it is a "mid century Modern" and that bores me. I grew up in one of those. I want character .. antique .. farmhouse.. cottage . . charm !
I think the little house I want will provide those .. charm definitely, cottage yes, hopefully it will be snug and warm in winter.

I want to share some of the homes in the neighborhood I am hoping to live in.

Hopefully after all the house shopping and moving etc, there will be some money left for a little trip to Manhattan where I can buy this and that .. for the house and for me.

so there will probably be some quiet moments ... when I am not online ( rare but true) because I will be packing, moving, setting up, no internet etc.
 Until then, here I am , waiting for the Realtor to bring the next owner to meet me.
Gotta go, Minette wants to play.
with me.
my hair to be exact.
don't ask.


  1. I have a hard time purging clothes too. Good luck with that.

    Your apartment sounds like it was quite the impressive and fun place to live!

  2. Love the stone and brick house. LOVE IT.

  3. Hello Candice,

    It is certainly very chilly where you are. Even colder than in Budapest. If your new house cannot be in a milder zone, then you will certainly have to have a very good heating system!

    We love your description of the Buenos Aires. House. So elegant.

  4. So glad you found a charming little cottage! I think that once you've lived in the" too big" houses, then a just right, manageable cottage is like heaven. And charm...charm is non-negotiable the older I get. Looking forward to seeing more of your new place!

  5. Hey Candice...
    So happy to see you at mine! have been a busy beaver....
    Moving? Yes!
    Purging? Hell no!
    Doc Martin? OMG! I have the biggest crush on him....I have watched each episode over and over! Would LOVE. To live in Port Winn!
    Ok...that's it from me....
    Don't be a stranger....
    Will check on your moving progress....
    Oh yes....go to Florida and stay with your daughter!
    I am leaving for there in 3 weeks!
    Whereabouts does Sam live?

    Linda :o)

  6. Amei conhecer o seu blog, já fiquei por aqui!!!Achei maravilhoso!!!
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.


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