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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

It is my "babys" birthday.
He is now old enough to be my father. Funny, how that happens.
I remain the same, They grow older.
We won't even talk about his older sister.
And her baby ... who is taller than all of us...

There is something not fair about this ... how am I supposed to look young and fresh with children who are grown-ups ?
I dress the way they do ... well, more grown up perhaps than the Baby Boy but still .. I think I am going to lodge a complaint with the Fair and Unfair people.
This is unfair.
The baby, who , by the way, still dresses the way he did in college, has his own baby.
A wife that I adore and a baby .... a BABY !!

I am going to send them on a cruise and keep the baby ... I will pretend he is mine.
I can go back in time and pretend that I am the young mother with 2 small children and think I know what I am doing .
I didn't the first time, I don't think I knew much when the baby boy was born .. I was 22 ! who knows what they are doing when they are 22 ... well, more than what I knew when my daughter, his "big" sister was born.

Still ... I burst with pride when I see the way these two "babies" grew up and the fabulous adults they have become. There might be something to say for being a young mother with no clue ..look what I got !

Happy Birthday Baby Boy.

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  1. lovely post.

    Somehow I have two adults who are my "kids"... when did that happen?


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