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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Friday, January 9, 2015

And so it begins

My house is on the market, it is spotlessly clean . No one is allowed to sit down, squash a pillow, leave a crumb on the counter or leave a fingerprint on anything.
Good thing I live alone and Minette doesn't have fingers.

The First Lookers came today.
Minette stayed home in her crate ...
I am sure she said only good things about living here .
I took a drive in the car.
It snowed, I don't want to drive anywhere and it is only about 16 degrees out,  so I didn't get out of the car.
I just drove around then came home.
They were all just leaving.

I wish the realtor would tell me what happened.
I wish the realtor would call and say they want it.
I hate this part of house selling and buying.

I played with the idea of selling the house, buy  the new one, move in -  then leave .
Take Minette South and stay there until Spring.
I have enough friends and my sweet daughter to stay with until Spring.
I will be that guest who showed up and never left ... with her cat !!

I hate to do it but I will cook tonight ... unless ...  I order Chinese food  .
I feel like something Salty with a lot of MSG in it.
My heart needs to pound for a few hours.
I need to wake up tomorrow with puffy eyes and tingling lips. Nothing like some good MSG.

Maybe I can get a pizza delivered. Oh wait, I forgot ... I live out in the middle of nowhere and they don't deliver  !!  I have to go out in the dark, ice, snow, cold to pick it up.

Maybe I will make some soup.
How boring.

Did I mention that I am watching all of the Doc Martin series since its beginning ?
Yes, every night Minette and I loll on the sofa and watch Doc Martin and every night I ask her if she wants to go live there.
So far she refuses to commit.
cats ~


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog and so glad to read you're moving on. Sounds like just what you need. Hope sale works out. Happy New and new beginnings Rose

Mary said...

Happy for you that you're selling and moving on. What an adventure for you and Minette! :)

I love Doc Martin! And yes, the village where it's filmed is SO beautiful. And I would be so fit walking those hills....

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