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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Room of Washing, Next to the Room of Swinging

I fell asleep last night with water heaters and flooded basements uppermost in my mind.
Throw in a few dreams about hiding in closets and I woke up exhausted! at 6 am.
Thank you Minette.

At least I was warm and snug in my house. Nevermind there is no water . My hot water heater thingee died .
I want to call it a tank but that machinery down there has nothing that resembles a tank.
So the Thing went kaput and I have no water .. anywhere ... water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.
The very nice plumbing and heating man and his trusty sidekick ( son?) will be here any minute and they will install my brand new machinery and then I can sell this house to the highest bidder.

Yes .. I am serious.
This convinced me that I need a smaller newer or at least better house to be alone in.
Minette is really useless when it comes to fixing things and I can only  do so much or even want to do only so much.
I just don't see me down in that basement sticking my hands into dark corners where anything could be waiting. I have a hard enough time walking from one side to the other to the laundry room.
Why they put it there I have no idea.
I have to walk down a bad flight of stairs, to the door, walk down a passageway past dark rooms where creatures lurk ( in my mind maybe ) and turn on lights as I go.
 Listening for the sounds of scurrying ... or god forbid, shuffling .
And switch on more lights and there is the brand new washer dryer we bought when we moved in.
It stays with the house ... anyone who is interested in buying .. if you have a thing for doing the laundry in dungeons etc.

There is a room that was sort of halfway finished, old fake wood paneling on the walls and most ridiculous of all ... a fake fireplace.
My son is convinced that one of the previous owners were "swingers" ... you know, 60s music, shag carpet, fake wood paneling, fake fireplace .. bouffant hair-dos and mini-skirts and maybe white shiny boots and a big sofa. With a cocktail bar.
Michael Caine would have loved it ... ( reference to all those good Alfie movies)

So when I go downstairs, I pass the dark empty rooms and come out into the room of Washing found right next to the room of Swinging. Only in a 50s house in the country, down the hill from a farm.

When the plumbers are gone , I am off to visit my Realtor.
I have to discuss a plan .. while I have just gotten used to being here alone .. I still sleep with my bedroom door locked. I think a smaller cozier home would do better for the kitten and I.
With a nice light clean basement that has no ghosts of former swingers. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Wish us luck ..


Razmataz said...

Yes, you need to get out of there. You need a plan and a trusted Realtor to help you get ti done right and sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan. Be sure to take Minette when you are looking at properties.

Weekender aka Phil

NotesFromAbroad said...

Raz, I love my Realtor. When the Bad Thing happened, she was here with me every day, just here, keeping me company, bringing me food.
I was just playing with the idea of certain areas South, where there are Spanish style homes with beautiful walled in gardens. :) besos

NotesFromAbroad said...

Phil .. I spoke to Minette about it just last night ! How funny you say this .. She said she will trust me and stay home where it is warm and there is no risk of running into a D o g ... she spells it out , she thinks if she says the word, one will appear.
Silly kitten.

Anonymous said...

An excellent idea to move on. You have given it your best shot there, and now a new home and a new challenge awaits! Good luck with it. I am sure Minette will be happy wherever you choose, just as long as she has you there to tease and love.


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