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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What To Do In An Ice Storm

What to do in an Ice Storm.

Wear a lot of sweaters.
And anything fuzzy and warm on your feet.
With a few pair of socks if you like.

Drink a lot (a    Lot ) of hot tea.
Have some hot soup.

Be sure the heat is on in the bathroom.

Take frequent looks out at the trees, covered in ice, huge branches drooping.

Be sure you have the items needed if you lose power.

Be sure there are plenty of warm fuzzy blankety things in the kittens carrier. Things that can be a kitten cave if needed.
When making soup, be sure the kitten does not stick her head in the pot while you are doing your taste test.

Keeping curtains closed keeps the cold from radiating off the windows and into the room, where it will go directly to your back .. right in the middle, between your shoulder blades.
If this occurs, add another sweater.

If the kitten finds a warm and snug spot to nap ..... Be Quiet.


Finish your tea and take a nap too.

Later you can amuse yourself with watching the icicles grow , as they form off the overflow in your gutters ... that you never had the gardner clean ...

You can watch the cars drive by too fast and see if This is the one that crashes.
So far, no crashes but one fishtailing slidey moment ..
My car is warm and dry in the garage where she might remain until Spring.
I am no dummy.

Plan a trip.

The farther South the better.

Make soup. If it has pasta in it, it will be a hit. Even if you are the only one having soup for dinner.

While there is still electricity, baking anything sweet is a good idea. It goes well with tea and keeps your mind of the length of that icicle outside the window.

This has been my public service announcement.

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beyondbeige said...

Oh my. It is 80 degrees here today in Phoenix, Arizona. Though I often long for cozy evenings by te fire I must say I'd be uneasy in your weather. Stay warm and safe.

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