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Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Best Laid Plans

I had plans for today.
I had places to go and people to see.
I had ambition. I had energy. I had no idea it was going to be a big snowstorm.

Minette is bored.
Therefore she does things to make me jump up and chase her around yelling.
She laughs.

It is so very beautiful out.
Yes, I took a gazillion photos.
Like I never saw snow before.
Like it didn't snow all winter last year.
Like I won't see it again next winter.
Minette just shakes her head .. rolls her eyes .. I have no idea where she got that from !

So far this morning, I have had a full pot of coffee ... watch out !
I have eaten about 5 of those tiny cinnamon rolls that come in the round plastic container at the local grocery .
I have another one in the freezer ... I thought ahead.

There is enough soup ( I made Ribollita and love it !!) and there is plenty of pasta makings and if things get really bad, there is Bisquick , milk and eggs...
Pancakes for dinner !

Oh ... and I have potatoes and spinach .. omelets !

See ... I am getting the hang of this snowed in thing .. as long as I don't lose power I am all set.
As long as I don't lose my mind ... is another matter. .


  1. I hope this will make you smile. Show it to Minette, she of the sexy name and adorable eyes. Stay warm, here the wind just knocked to the ground a very large statue from a fountain, and in Buenos Aires the weather is....
    never mind. I am sure you know.



  2. Allegra, I love that video. I saw it before, when we were still in Buenos Aires :) it is great , now I will save it , thank you !!


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