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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yes, there really are Angels .

This is the story about pilots who fly their planes to rescue animals.
Pups in this case.
There are sooo many kill shelters around. It is horribly sad.
Minette was adopted from Animalkind, where they keep the poor little cats and kittens until they are adopted. There are friends of the people who work there that help, fostering cats and kittens.

I see so many, too many stories about beautiful dogs that for small reasons, are left behind by the people they belong to ... abandoned, left to die, to go to a kill shelter where they will die.

These are dogs and cats that only want to be loved and to love you back.

Minette washes my face in the evening .. she thinks I need it. I might taste good since she has done it more than once and she would not do it if she didn't like me.
She was found in the worst possible circumstances .. in the snow, about 2 months old and next to a dead cat. Maybe her mama. She lived. That is a miracle right there .
And now she is warm and fed and loved . Isn't that all cats and dogs ever want ?

So this story is why    these men, who go to the trouble and expense of rescue are such heros to me.

I hope you enjoy the story .. and appreciate them like I do.


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