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Friday, November 21, 2014

She Chose Me

 A Forever Home

Most of my friends and readers know that my little kitten Minette was adopted from Animalkind, in Hudson New York.
She had been found, under a bridge, in the snow, with a dead cat.

She was dreadfully ill, very tiny, very young and pretty frozen herself.
With all sorts of health problems, she was a tiny sick little baby.

When she was well enough to be out of the hospital, she was kept in the glass rooms in the building, where you see them as you walk in. I was walking towards the desk and saw her, she saw me and started walking towards me.
The lady at the desk said go ahead, pick her up.
And that was that.
She chose me.
We are happy with each other.

Minette was terribly sick .. she was on all sorts of antibiotics and stomach medicines.
Her little tummy is still not great, but she manages not to make a mess anywhere, she flies to the litter box like a good girl.
She is still tiny, she can be a picky eater or she is just finicky and a little Princess.
Whatever, I love her.

Today she talked back at me.
She started to stick her paw where it did not belong and I held my hand out and pointed at her and said no ... and she batted at my hand and talked back.
It might have sounded a bit like meh ... maaa ... maaaa .. Maybe she has been talking to those sheep up the hill ... or the Highlanders.

Last night I gave her a choice, sleep on the bed with me or in her crate .. her crate has an open door and is all cozy and cushy so she sometimes likes to be snug in there ..
She chose to sleep on my bed with me.
For the first time, she slept all night and didn't wake me up at 5 ... she woke me up at a little before 7 am and here is the good part ... she woke me up but came back to bed, snuggled under the comforter with me and we both snoozed a little while longer.
It was a good morning.
I am so glad she chose me.


  1. So happy that you found each other at the perfect time! Lucky Minette to have you to love her.

  2. It's such an honour to be chosen, isn't it? Almost takes your breath away when you think of your good fortune in finding each other...:)


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