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Saturday, November 22, 2014

At Home

Home ... in Argentina.
Warm .. summer .. warm nights .. lots of stars .. sit on a bench in the park and listen to the musicians and enjoy the night air..

Here it is cold. Very cold. Windy. The deer are staying in tonight and the birds went to bed hours ago. The Highland Cattle are all facing the wind ... waiting to go into the nice warm barn.
The sheep are huddled together with the babies. The horse looks bored.
Ignore him, he always looks bored . He is a Stud. They have an image to maintain.

Minette is just looking for trouble.
I left a drawer open the tiniest bit , her tiny paw fit right in .. she was fishing things out as fast as she could.
I cut open an avocado, you would have thought it was pure catnip, she practically walked up my arm to get to it .
Figures, I find a kitten who loves avocado .. if she likes chips, we can have an afternoon of chips and guacamole

I got a haircut.
I love it.

My daughter is driving up here .. now ... not feeling well ... visiting Civil War sites and on her way to Mama's house .
I will be here, waiting , with pots of hot tea and something sweet for the boy.
Who is taller than me .. deep voice .. beautiful baby boy/man.
Minette will be beside herself .. people ! more people to wash !! It must be Christmas !!
and then the baby will arrive and she will just swoon .. she won't know who to wash first.

I am going to watch Doc Martin or something .. I need a bit of Brit in my life.

Have a good weekend ..


  1. So happy your family is coming to visit. Minette sounds quite precocious indeed. :) Truly kittenish.

    It's very rainy and dark here on a Sunday mid-afternoon. (I'm sure you must remember what an Oregon fall and winter are like? Every once in awhile i long for the Tropics this time of year. A sandy beach and a drink with one of those little unbrellas. Oh well, i can sit under my full spectrum lights and drink a drink with one of those little umbrellas, right?

  2. That sounds like a good idea Mary.

    Happy Thanksgiving. I hope the weather doesn't upset things for you Candice.

  3. Mary, a drink with an umbrella sounds lovely right now .. if it means not being in a snowstorm with 11 degrees F..

    Hetismij, thank you.. I am happily snowed in with my babies .. big and small..and furry :)

  4. Oh, it sounds cozy- and how I'd love to see my daughter this holiday! Grown daughters are such a joy!

    Regarding the Brits- I am a huge fan of Doc Martin and many other Brit shows. Another one to try is "The Paradise". Loved it. Happy Thanksgiving!


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