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Thursday, November 6, 2014

I am still not able to stop smiling

I went out to the garden, it is damp and cold.
I went back into the house when I heard something and turned around to see ...

  I could hear them but the trees were in the way .. I walked to the edge of the property, there is a line of pine trees then a great vast field where hay grows in summer.
And there they were ...

 A Murmuration of Starlings

I tried to take photos, it is damp and wet and my battery died but if I got any decent photos, I will post them later.
The sound ... I have never heard anything so wonderful .. it is damp and cold and wintery out, and silent ... then there was this faraway sound of many many birds ... then there was the whooshing sound as this great huge cloud of black birds swirled and dipped and passed by ... I will never forget this ..

They all landed ... the yellowish brown cornfield became a mass of black birds ... all making their bird noises as they looked for food.
Then as if a timer went off, the entire flock , at one time, swept up into the air, swirling over and away.

I was and I am just boggled by it .. I was smiling and crying .. I wish someone had been here with me to see it too ..


  1. Oh......but, someone was.....

  2. Oh how wonderful. Many years ago when I lived near the zoo a giant flock of thousands of swallows arrived at the beginning of the summer and made their nests on the big plane trees on calle Lafinur. Every afternoon after sunset they started flying in circles as they flew up and up the sky. The flock was so huge it seemed like a spiral constelation over our heads. It was a fabulous sight, and all the neighborhood stopped with their heads tilted to the sky. At one moment as you said, as if a timer went off, they started to dive at full speed one by one toward their nests in the trees. They plummeted so fast that sometimes some of them ended dead on the pavement.
    It was such a fabulous spectacle, and we eagerly awaited their arrival every year.
    Until one day some of the neighbors on Lafinur thought that so many thousands of birds were very dirty, that they made too much noise and it was not nice seeing them dead on the pavement, so they decided to lop the trees off so they couldn´t make their nests the next year. Unfortunately they succeeded and the swallows never returned again.


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