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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

" Paris Argentina "

 After visiting Buenos Aires and seeing the architecture , the streets and doors and balconies  and generally the charm and Old World beauty of the buildings, parks and streets ,  I was determined to have an apartment that was just as charming and Old World , hopefully as French as the buildings  that I liked so much.

We looked at apartments with our realtor and every single one had one thing or another that made them No Good. Not good for us .. 
I wanted charm .. I didn't want post war modern or whatever that look was ... depressing and sterile with hard surfaces and cheap products ..  

I had been in a couple of apartments that were on high floors with amazing views but they were super modern and the elevators worried me.
Yes, elevators often worry me.
I get on them, I go up and down and say nothing, show nothing but there is that frisson of ...worry.. that it might stop , for no reason .. and I might have to stay inside it for a while. 

Alone or with people... it almost doesn't matter ... any scenario that has me in an elevator that is not going Up or Down is not a good one.

We rented an apartment upon arrival .. 5th floor, 3 bedrooms , huge kitchen and living room with a view. 
But ... the elevator just fit my husband and I and believe me .. we were not large people .. 
Pup fit in with us but he wasn't happy about it.
And I kinda freaked out every time it would do an extra little hop when it went up or stopped.

The next apartment we rented ( because we were having a hard time finding one we wanted to buy).
had a similar elevator but in a more modern ( 60's ?) building ... 
Two humans and a Standard Poodle was a squeeze.
We were on the 6th floor. 
If it went straight up with no stops, I was able to breathe Okay .. if there was any stopping or starting or jerking around, I got out and walked up the stairs. 
I got into shape really fast when we moved to Buenos Aires.

So one day walking with the realtor and being sad because everything was ugly and we never saw anything like  I had  imagined, we saw a For Sale sign .. VENDE .. 
While we stood there and waited with high hopes , the realtor called the number and got us an appointment for the next day.
We tried hard not to get our hopes up.
It was a block from a huge boulevard. 
It was 2 blocks from miles of parks.  Pup got his hopes up. 

to be continued ..

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