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Friday, October 17, 2014

Early Days

Buying an apartment in Buenos Aires is so very different from anything we had imagined.
Beginning with the fact that it is done all in cash .. cash that you bring to the table and everyone around that table counts it .

Which calls for the closing to be in a very secure building with a lot of bullet proof glass and guards with rather large guns and automatic locks on all doors .. it sort of had me terrified but I was so excited about the fact that we had finally found our home, my sort of dream home.

Finally we could have the movers deliver out belongings that had been sitting for months somewhere in BA , waiting for a home ... hoping no one had broken, lost, stolen anything ..

We had made friends with a man who owned a company that renovates homes so we just had to choose  few things and make some ideas known to them...
We wanted to live in a home that was as authentic an Argentine home as possible. No modern, (North) American fixtures and styles.

We spent hours each day, wandering the streets where furniture shops waited for us.
San Telmo , where miles of Antique shops tempted well as vendors outside on weekends.

We went to Avenida Belgrano where furniture was piled high in vast rooms.
We ended up with some lovely things .. a sofa, that is still great .
We went to the Thonet showroom and bought a dining room table and chairs.
We bought antique chandeliers in San Telmo then had to have them rewired and installed but wow , they were the perfect touch in those old rooms with 18' high ceilings.

Our days were full, adventures, laughing, kissing and loving where we were and what we were doing .. and Pup was enjoying everything too.
He liked his new found popularity.

To Be Continued:

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