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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Murder Mystery

I am typing with 3 fingers on my right hand.
Minette made sure that the other 2 would not work for a while.
I had the bright idea of trying to cut her nails. The nails cut me instead.

Company is coming. Tomorrow. yay !

I am baking , cooking everything ahead so I won't be stuck in the kitchen this time.
 Enough of that !
I want to be in the middle of the action .. not the cook stirring her pots !

It has been a very gloomy day .. rain, mist, fog, and yet, it is so  beautiful.
The colors glow against the grey background.
The yellows of the trees in my yard look like light is shining from inside.
The reds of the trees across the street bring a warm glow, I will miss those leaves.
I will miss the green and colors and feeling that it is warmer out there than it really is.

Minette is sleeping, draped across the back of the sofa, like a small grey scarf tossed aside .. she is boneless.

Winter, greyness, being inside more, all depress me.

So instead of going to online shopping venues, I am now looking at travel options.
Too bad Minette can't take turns with me driving .. although ....
Knowing her, she will sit in her little travel crate and be a back seat driver ..

I guess an airplane ride might be an option .. maybe London or Paris would be nice ..
 I will talk to her about that.
She always seems to have an opinion lately.

My fingers hurt, I am going to read .. a Murder Mystery ... ( is it about a woman whose kitten cuts her fingers , one by one until she bleeds to death ?) 

Can You Imagine ????  


kathy said...

Is that one litter... They all look exactly alike

Mary said...

Yeah, cutting those kitty claws can be a dangerous proposition. Sorry about your fingers. That would indeed make an interesting murder mystery. I would totally read it! :)

Madison said...

You aren't that far from either Paris or London and you deserve to treat yourself to a vacation. I live on the West Coast and it can be a pain but love to travel just the same. In fact you could do both. Fly into London, take the Eurostar to Paris and fly out of Paris to home.

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