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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dog Worship Day

Dog Worship Day in Nepal.

Why don't we have one in the US ?
Or even just Care About Animals Day ?

I made the mistake of looking at a website for animals who are on "Death Row" .. shelters just cannot take care of them all. So they die.

People do hideous things to dogs and cats and they die or they are found and put into shelters.
But then they end up dying because the shelters have no more room .
A terrible situation all around.

I think people should be punished for the brutal things they do to animals. ( a dog was found with a piece of metal piercing his leg .. he was chained to a pole, the owner just jammed the chain lock through the dogs leg. )

Minette the kitten was found with a dead cat ( possibly the mother) in the snow and ice, under a huge bridge over the Hudson River. Some people would say God works in mysterious ways.
That she was even found .. that she was still alive ( she was weeks old) .. that a few weeks later I just walked in to Animalkind to get an idea about adopting a kitten. Did I want to do it ? Was it a good idea ?
My husband and I had talked about it ... a lot.
I knew I wanted a dog .. a "watch dog " kind of dog but also a family dog, a dog hopefully as perfect as our dog Tate was .
My husband loved Russian Blues and from the love we had for our cat, we also loved Abyssinians.
This would be the first time I had gotten a pet just for myself ..

I realized one day that a dog would prevent me from traveling , visiting my friends and family .. I would have to walk it in winter here ... big deterrent.
So I figured, I will get the kitten first.

I walked in the door at AnimalKind and this tiny blue kitten jumped out of the perch she was on and walked along beside me, inside her glass room. She had eyes like headlights, bright yellow eyes in this tiny blue kitten.
They told me, open the door, pick her up.
So I did.
And we are living happily ever after  ... if she would only stop knocking things off of everything and walking on the stove and counters and let me cut her nails.

I think this is not a good time to get a dog .. not yet. I might move.
She might kill it.
But I am still daydreaming of a place where I have a dog , where I walk it each day, play with it, and let Minette play Who's Boss with it.

For now, though, it will have to be Cat Worship Day at my house.
She insists.
What do you have at your house ?


Mary said...

I try to avoid sites like that. They're not good for one's mental health. I just love animals so much, and I can't wrap my mind around how some people can do the things they do to sweet animals... So profoundly sad.

I think, that once you're settled what're you want to be if you move, that Minette would love a canine sibling! :)

Georgia said...

Every day at my house is Cat Worship demanded by my three sweet rescue kitties.
(Please don't tell them, but I do some casual dog worshipping when walking in the neighbourhood...)

Mary said...

Minette is so lucky to have have chosen you Candice!
Yes, kittens are sweet and often naughty, but they grow up quite quickly so enjoy her shenanigans whilst you can - soon she'll become a lazy, lovable old gal I'm sure.

Happy weekend - Mary

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