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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summers Bounty and all that ..

The Neighbors
 Everywhere you look, it is lush and green and flowers are everywhere.
It is hard to remember just how desolate and cold it was this past winter, how sad and miserable I was , trapped in the house for weeks with feet of snow everywhere.

I have enjoyed the weather this Summer, the nights are still cool, no a/c is needed and the days are long and full of bird song, the sight of flowers everywhere, gardens are bursting with vegetables and flowers and the farms are crowded with babies.

The baby Highland calf died unexpectedly- giving rise to thoughts of something dreadful.
A fox, staggered through my garden .. from the front to the fields behind me .. an obviously sick little animal.
When I called the Police to find the Animal People... I was told there really was no one to call.
The police did not come of course, but in farm country- one would think reporting a wild animal that might be rabid would give rise to a wee bit of concern.
But no one got bothered by it.
Besides me.

Minette is safe inside at all times.
The chipmunks hang out and visit with her keeping her in touch with the animal community.
I just wait on her hand and paw and chase her around keeping her from breaking things.
She likes to wait until I sit down at the computer before she jumps up onto the counters and knocks things off ... she thinks she is cute.
I think she is courting serious injury ... from me.

I would like to be more social but my choices are extremely limited .. I can go to a Garden Club meeting with an octogenarian , I can wander aimlessly around the area by car, but always fearful of getting lost and not finding my way home  ... since losing my husband , and being so far from everyone I know, I feel vulnerable .. there is noone here to call or to notice if I am gone or don't come home on time .. except Minette but she is too young to dial the phone yet...the police would pay no attention to her anyway... I  can see the headlines now -
 Panicked Kitten calls Police .. Dinner is late, where is Mama ?

There are so many photo opportunities in my area, I really would like to go out with the camera and just spend a few hours taking photos
Maybe I will just go to the Garden Center and take photos there .

My hair is super long and I have no idea where to go for a haircut.
I got a trim months ago but the stylist is home now with a new baby.
I will look like an old Mountain Woman soon.

Today I am going to attempt to start and drive the Lawnmower.
If you don't hear from me after this - call 911. Although Minette might do that ..
Maybe I should hire some deer to just come and eat the lawn .. I will pay them in grass.

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  1. Although where you live appears to be very beautiful, it sounds a little remote and kind of dull (sorry!). It sounds as though it is time for you to take some action and perhaps put your house up for sale and move closer to civilization, and closer to some people you know and like! Life is short - seize the day!! (please forgive my boldness, but you seem to be far too interesting a person to be living by yourself in an unfulfilling place - oh I mean you and Minette,of course). May I also suggest you get a GPS and programme in "home" - you will never get lost again!


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