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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Pet Shop Boys

 Minettes New Favorite Music

I love this but I admit I was surprised when Minette told me she liked them too.
I just thought she was more of a Classical or French Music kitten. She always seemed to be around when she heard me putting some good Piaf on the stereo or when I listen to Delibes and Barber .. just goes to show, you never really know your kitten.

We are waiting for word from the Tree Guy.
Then we will wait for the noise, mess and scary sights of the Tree Guys.
Then we will not be afraid next time we have a storm with big winds ..

Who knew that tree was splitting in half ??

Enjoy the music .. I want to go to London.


Linda said...

Good luck with the tree....
Been there.....
Done that.....
Watch from a safe distance!
Enjoy your week...
Linda :o)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Watch from a safe distance ... 1- I could go to NYC and just have them call me when they are finished 2- I can go up the street to the farm and schmooze with the sheep til it is over ... there are many many trees on my little acre, they are almost all very very big .. I am not sure if there is a safe distance here :)

Photos later ..

Indigo Dragonfly said...

Yikes! Good luck with the trees. Not an adventure I would relish. However, I'm with you on London. Very high on my "go there" list. :-)

NotesFromAbroad said...

We were supposed to go to London this fall, we have friends there, my husband lived there, we have attachments :) Now that it is just me, it would be nice to see them, nice to get away from here ..
I have been to London so many times but it has been a while now, I need to go.
And I want to take one of the Garden tours .. I want to see these:

Pearl said...

I don't trust that tree...

How are you my dear?


NotesFromAbroad said...

Pearl .. I had my doubts. The kitten and I made sure we had an exit strategy and the car keys were by the door.
The tree is history. Gone. In pieces. So were 2 more.
And many branches and some shrubs.
I am on my way to having an amazing garden. not of my doing but I did manage to make it look its best .. as long as you can hire someone to do it.
If the sun comes out, I will set the furniture around the pool, put pots of flowers around and feel like it is a home someone actually lives in.
Then someone can buy it :)

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