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Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Look At This Blog

BA Travel Guide 

By the time we arrived in Buenos Aires and had been house hunting with our realtor (soon to be good friend, Rafael) , we felt that we had learned the barrios and we were on our way to finding out way around.
Because of this, I never thought that we would need a travel guide.

Boy was I wrong !
Sure we found our way but how much time did each trip take ? twice as long because we didn't know where we were going or where we were, half the time.

If I had it to do over again ( Oh how I wish I could) I would immediately call Sandra .. while she is a travel guide, she is a wonderful person ( friend) and not only would I get excellent directions and help but I would have learned my way around in a much nicer and less aggravating way.

So if you are going to Buenos Aires or just dreaming about it ... read her blog.
See if after a few times of reading, that you are starting to get a longing to go to Buenos Aires, learn to Tango, drink Malbec , watch Polo, go to the races for free and lounge on the grass under umbrellas and watch beautiful horses run past .. under the bluest skies and brightest sun.

Take the train to San Isidro on Sunday and go to the flea market in the park by the station.
Walk cobblestone streets and listen to a million birds singing in the trees that line the street.

Go to Chinatown in Belgrano on a Sunday.
Go to the Museums.
Listen to concerts in the park .. impromptu wonderful music.

Buy souvenirs at the feria in Recoleta, buy cool hip things in Palermo Soho and antiques in San Telmo.

Just ask Sandra, she'll help you.
Ask me and I will beg you to take me with you.


Sara Louise said...

Any chance you'll go back for a visit soon?

Sara Louise said...

Any chance you'll go back for a visit soon?

NotesFromAbroad said...

I hope so :)

Sandra said...

Gracias Candice!
Un beso grande.

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