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Monday, June 23, 2014

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, my husband and I were asleep in the big bed in the big old 200 year old house that we were renting while we were house hunting for our new home here in New York State.

At 4 am, our son called.
The baby was on his way.
We were too groggy and tired to jump up and rush to the hospital where we would not be allowed to see anyone, so we fell back to sleep for a couple of hours.

Then we made the 3 hour drive to NYC , where we waited for a few hours .. where we met our new teeny tiny little man.

Today is his First Birthday.
He was here with me this weekend.
He is learning to walk . He is so beautiful it hurts my heart.
He is talking. Some of it we can even understand .. I especially like the words that he makes up.
They should mean something, they sound so good !

I wish his Grandfather was here to see him !!
He would pop with pride.

I can't show you his photos but I will tell you that Minette is fascinated with him. With his toys. With the sounds he makes.  He seems pretty interested in her too ... although she isn't loving the squeezing and pulling that can happen when he gets a hold of her .. so they are friends without touching at the moment.

She will be the First Pet he will remember . Hopefully she will be around for a long time and he will be able to cuddle her and have good First Cat memories.

There is a Boy in the House !!!

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  1. When Grandson was a toddler, he & cat Jack-Jack used to chase each other - cat chased child, then child chased cat... back & forth for hours. It's a wonderful memory for me, and for Grandson. He is a teen now, and loves cats. What more could I ask? :-)


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