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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

If I Were There Today ..

San Telmo

Cobblestone streets, antique shops galore, fabulous restaurants with balconies and french doors, open at night so you can hear the music from the musicians in the park across the street.
Funky, charming, ridiculously atmospheric and magical.

We bought many of our antiques and chandeliers here.
We window shopped and wished that we had more money to buy more rugs and then felt really grateful that we had what we had and were able to be there and do what we were doing.

It is always good to stop now and then and just be grateful for what you have .

I am sure it is even more gentrified than it was when we were there , over the 7 years we lived in Buenos Aires, we saw the neighborhoods change.
All getting more prosperous, more crowded and a lot of them were cleaned up a bit and even more beautiful.

San Telmo didn't need that much work ..
A bit of washing , cobblestone streets and high walls with the sounds of fountains and bird song were enough to keep it perfectly perfect.

If I were there today...

I would have a salad at the restaurant that overlooks Dorrego Square.
After lunch, I would shop at the stalls along the Square, or just the people who had blankets throw down on the ground and sold their things that way.

I would wander slowly among the antique shops and make a stop at a leather shop I especially liked.
Buy some gifts perhaps.
Say hello to the lady who sold us two of her beautiful crystal chandeliers.
(that are wrapped and in boxes because the ceilings in a Mid Century Ranch house-are too low )  .. bummer.
But I have enough Things and Memories .. I can take those out any time and enjoy them.

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