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Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Busy Sunday

It was quite a busy Sunday for Minette and I.
It was just perfect, weatherwise. Blue skies, light breeze, not too hot , not too cold.
The air smelled so clean and fresh ..

I spoke to the vet finally and found that Minette has nothing wrong with her, that is, there is nothing that shows up in any test or in her blood.
So while she has stomach issues, it is not something wrong with her, she is not sick.
Phew !

I got her new food in hopes that might change things.
We will see.
Meanwhile she is getting cuter every day and sweeter ... she is more affectionate. That really melts my heart .

She did a lot of bird watching and napping , I walked around the property with the "tree guy" and found out how many more trees have to come down.
Before we moved in, we had 5 large trees cut down. Dead trees, sick trees, threatening the house trees.

Now I have some new ones, one is threatening to fall on the house or across the street taking the power lines with it. It has to go tout suite!
And old oak tree is leaning towards my bedroom ... it has to be cabled to keep the leaning part from breaking off and falling on me while I sleep.

Three very tall dead pine trees in the back yard... one would hit the house and the other two would possibly take out the swimming pool area .. so this week, they all go.
Did I mention we had 5 trees taken down before we moved in ? and there are many more even after more are removed ?
What were we , crazy ? Neither one of us even knew how to mow a lawn ! We don't swim, we really were simple minded Romantics when we moved here .
Sort of like we were when we moved to Argentina after having visited once ... for 10 days .. so we moved there. With the dog and all of our furniture. We bought an apartment there. It worked out fine, for 7 years we were happy there and everything was fine.
So I keep hoping that although the worst possible thing that could happen, did happen, that the rest of the good luck will remain intact and where I live and what I do next will work out fine.
It is hard sometimes to think ahead ... it is a future I have a hard time imagining .. alone.

For now, let's just get these big dead trees out of here !
Did I mention the Chipmunk family? they have a baby . Minette wants him. Badly.

She is outgrowing her bed.


  1. Most happy to read that things are looking up on several fronts!

    You might want to try PetFresh Select cat food. My sister's cat absolutely loves it. (Needs to be refrigerated.)


  2. Hi Phil, she is on a new food now , no canned food, only dry and we will see how she does. There is no reason that they can find for this.
    We will see how she does on the Prescription Diet dry food .. or perhaps she will grow out of it as the vet hopes.
    She is gaining weight and thriving anyway- so I am going to try to stop worrying :)
    Which will be a First for me .. haha.


  3. Hi,

    - I'm orangetravelcat on Fodors. I think I previously mentioned tummy problems that went on for a long time with our cat. He was switched to a prescription diet (called z/d/) and has been doing fine with him tummy issues since then. Hope Minette (who is just gorgeous) improves on the new food.

  4. Orangetravelcat .. if this food doesn't make a difference, I will try the Prescription diet z/d.
    I don't know how she managed to gain weight but the doc says she is a good size .. she will never be very big, she had too hard a beginning I think .. she will just be a long lean kitty.
    Right now she is curled up into a little bitty ball on the sofa .. I was playing Pet Shop Boys music and she liked it :)


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