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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sheep, Wolves, Flowers .. another day out in the country

Today I went to Old Chatham to the Market.

It was not so much to buy anything but to take that drive.
It was  Over the River and Through The Woods...Past the many Sheep farms and  all of the homes are historic homes, with barns and meadows and trees and flowers... there is the river and there are brooks and lakes and ponds too. And always, great beautiful trees and far away views and green everywhere.

The Chatham Sheepherding Company is there .. with hills of green grass, dotted with all the white sheep, waiting to have baby lambs or to be sheared. There are some nice soft fuzzy slippers or jackets waiting to be made. For next winters cold feet  and bodies.
Today though, it is sunny and not too cold. 
After I left the Country Store, I drove to a local farm where I bought veggies fresh from their fields ... all Organic.
Then I couldn't resist, I bought a pink hyacinth plant. The scent, oh my ...

While buying the flowers , I was told about the size of the coyotes around here this year. 
That the deer are hungry and the wolves and coyotes are too.
Oh my ..

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day. :). I love your photo of the market and cafe. It's a place i would love to visit, i can tell. Pink hyacinth is gorgeous, and you're right.. its scent is out of this world!

    I've loved getting your e-mails. I've had trouble sending messages lately, though, and can only receive. I'll keep trying, and maybe my high tech wizard husband can help me figure it out this weekend! I'm hoping. And i hope Spring as sprung for you there. My family lives in Maine and they still have snow and ice. Ick! Lol


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