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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Year Ago

Last March, we arrived back in the United States.
A few days after arriving, we celebrated my birthday with our son and his wife, a first in a long time.
In those couple of weeks, staying in a hotel, eating out and enjoying all of that good American food again, diners, Italian restaurants, lunch places, soup, pizza, Chinese food, Thai food, sweets !
Then the shopping ! Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, boutiques, cars !

Then we were on the road , heading North and once again, seeing the beautiful parkways of New York State, the trees were bare, the countryside was so very beautiful.
We arrived in Great Barrington , Massachusetts, and stayed in a cute little hotel for a couple of weeks.

We found a fabulous house that was for rent, it is about 200 years old.
The owners quickly became friends, along with their sweet chocolate brown Labradors, Dreyfus and Brady.
It was so nice staying there, I was almost in no hurry to leave.

We looked and we looked for a house that would be our new dream house.
I wanted character, upstairs, downstairs, gardens or at least enough land that no one was too close.
I had enough of city noise, neighbors parties on weekends and what is the point in living out in the country if you are going to hear the neighbors ?

As the days then weeks went by, we were not finding anything close to what we dreamt of .
We started looking farther North .. a longer trip away from NYC.

One day, almost by chance, we were with the realtor when she had to come to this house to check on something for the owner, who lived elsewhere.
We wandered in too ... the house was nothing like what I was dreaming of .. but the gardens were heavenly.
Then my husband asked what the realtor would suggest the selling price be ?
When she told him, I saw his eyes light up, I saw the Writing on the Wall... this was my soon to be new home.
Nothing charming, nothing old and stately, not even a fireplace.
But he loved it.
What could I say ?

Now he is gone.
Now here I am.
It is time to find a new home and for this to be a home to some nice couple, maybe with a child or two.

Hopefully with a love of gardens ... and birds ... and deer .


  1. Hope that you find your longed for home soon.

  2. Our life is like a book filled with many chapters ...some we write and others happen without warning. My dear friend this next chapter is yours to write and know that you have to wonderful Angels looking over you smiling and wishing you all that is to come. hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  3. What a lovely comment from Celia....
    Wise words for sure...
    Perhaps once you get outside, you can perhaps at least enjoy the gardens of the home that your dear husband loved so much......

    Linda :o)

  4. I've followed you from Fodor's for ages - you've had time to reflect and plan since your loss; do what you know is best for you and Minette. I wish you both only happiness.

  5. Thank you canada .. thank you so much.

    Linda .. I was out in the gardens today and yesterday, enjoying and thinking of him, tonight, it is snowing again !!

    Celia .. love you :)

  6. Anna, I hope I get to see you some time soon too!

  7. Easter is the time of resurrection-- the time of coming back to life. I wish that time now for you.


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