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Monday, April 28, 2014

Buenos Aires ... How It All Came About

We had moved from the New York area to Florida
 After a year   in Florida, we visited Portland , Oregon and decided we would enjoy living there.
My husband had retired and we sold our house and we felt quite footloose and fancy free.

So in August of that year, we drove from Florida to Oregon .. with Tate/Pup in the back seat.
We spent each night of the long drive, in a La Quinta Hotel.
They all accept dogs in their hotels, they are mostly decent/clean hotels and we were happy with where we stayed.
Especially the hotel where they gave us a suite on a high floor ( I think we were the only people staying in the hotel ) ... I think it was Kansas .. flat as far as you could see,  with What To Do In Case of Tornado cards in each room.

We all enjoyed that hotel and the old fashioned Railroad Car Diner nearby.

We found a fabulous apartment in Portland and settled right in , happy with the city, the apartment and the people we met.
Pup was thrilled with Portland.
Dogs were allowed in many stores and he had his own parks that he preferred.
Cafes welcomed dogs.
Nordstroms was especially welcoming to my Pup.
Needless to say, it was nice to know that if we were walking with the dog and in the neighborhood, we could still visit Nordstroms.

After a year and a half of Portland weather, my husband began to get restless.
He never did love rain that much.
I was happy it wasn't snowing but he started talking about Other Places.
Then one day, after a bit of stealth investigating that I knew nothing about , he asked me if I would like to go to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a couple of weeks.
Well, who am I to turn down a trip like that ?!
Especially when our neighbor had 2 sweet old labradors who loved Pup and he offered to pup sit.

When we were in Paris, we left Pup with our daughter and after that, we figured if we couldn't take him with us, we wouldn't go ... anywhere.
So we arranged for Pup to spend some time with his friend and his dogs.
It was all as if it were meant to be.

Upon our arrival in Buenos Aires, I was mostly dazed ... not sleeping well on the overnight flight.
Happily my husband arranged ahead of time for the car to meet us and take us to the hotel.
The hotel was perfect.
An All Suites Hotel. We had the top floor ...  quiet, views and being a suite, with a little kitchen, we could pretend we lived there.
One rainy night we ordered pizza to be delivered and we stayed in and felt what it might be like if this were Home.

Wherever we traveled, we always tried to rent apartments or hotel suites so we could Be there more than feel like we were just passing through.
As luck would have it, we made friends with the owner.. more about that later.

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Anonymous said...

So nice, a Story. I've been reading your blog so very long, that reading this is like enjoying a favorite book that I can always pick up and be lost in. I'm glad to see you back, and hope you and Minette are well.

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