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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Heroes ..

Who do you know that would run straight Towards a fire ?
Who do you know that would not even stop to think about it but dash into a building that is burning ?

I have thought about this before, especially those sad months after September 11th .. the Firemen who arrived and did what they do .. they ran straight towards the fire, the devastation, the people who needed help .
They don't stop to think about it, they just do it.
In some instances, it is a happy ending kind of story .
In a lot of instances, it is not happy.

This morning in Harlem , New York, there was apparently a gas leak.
2 buildings were destroyed in the resulting explosion.
Buildings where people live and sleep and eat and take care of their families.

And fire trucks arrived and firemen ran straight in to the burning rubble and did what they do.
They saved people.

When people come around during the year and ask for money, donations made to the Emergency Services, Firemen, First Responders ... give them something . Whatever you can.
Because you can look at it like this , they might need to come to your house .. you want them to be able to..

On a side note ... remember when you were little and fire trucks drove by ?
I do. I also remember waving and the firemen waving back .. on their way to go into a burning building.
ashley gilbert photographer

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  1. Oh yes, I know only too well how brave they are - my father-in-law was a Deputy Fire Chief for many years in NH - and before they had state of the art breathing equipment like today. I've always admired him so much. Sadly, breathing so much contaminated air was a major cause of his heart/lung disease and eventually death.

    This was so sad in NYC today - heroes were everywhere I'm sure.



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