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Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Photo

This is a peek at the front  guest bedroom in our home in Buenos Aires.
It was also our computer room and where Pup liked to hang out .
Outside those doors on the little balcony were pots of flowers and in the corner of one of those pots was a birds nest. Every Spring, the resident dove couple would set up the nursery and have a few babies.
I also lost quite a few plants to the dove couple on the kitchen window box. My husband would see the nest started and warn me, telling me, throw it away now so they don't lay eggs out there but I never had the heart... did you ever watch a dove couple set up house ?
Talk about partnership !
So every Spring a couple of plants were sacrificed and little bitty baby doves were born and eventually flew away. right outside those doors.


  1. I am behind reading your posts – I have been trying to go to every blog that left a comment on mine and then we went on a couple of day trips, but I read all your past posts. On feeling lonely in America – I think this is the way the country is – people are busy, mostly interested in their own lives. We have no neighbors who we know, or visit. The culture here is so different and if you became used to Argentina, then the culture shock is great when you return, even if you are a US citizen. I have a US friend who went to Pisa, Italy for 5 years for work and it was extremely hard for him to return to the US life. I know many other French people who came to the US along the years, and most of them thought they would stay, but all of them went back to France– they just could not enjoy life here, even if they had more money here, they left. Life in the US is not as easy as some people think – it is very impersonal. I hope with spring you will be able to get out more. We went to the Library Sale last week and I bought a travel book on Buenos Aires – just to read and see – why not.

  2. Yes, this is the way it is here , people are not connected as they used to be . In Argentina it is still very much the old fashioned way of stopping and talking and noticing your neighbors and being involved in life around you.
    I knew someone in NYC who never ever met his next door neighbor.
    It is not so noticeable when you have someone with you, it is when you are alone that you notice more, how alone you are.
    Rent CDs .. Ricardo Darin , anything Argentine !

  3. I had a Dove couple, who for years nested on my bathroom window ledge...
    Laboriously layering twigs, until the big day arrived...
    Unfortunately, most of the particularily ugly chicks, ended up on the walkway below.....only to have the entire process started again...usually at least 4 batches of eggs....
    After we had new windows installed, they could no longer nest the window opens out....
    They tried, but when I would open the window, the gathering of twigs, would get swiped away....
    No eggs were lost...they just gave up!
    Man....that was a long boring story.....sorry about that!
    Linda :o)

  4. We would walk down the street sometimes and see broken little eggs on the sidewalk :(
    The doves used 2 geranium plants for nests , off my kitchen window .. where I had the workers build in a beautiful black wrought iron window box .. I had no heart to kill a bunch of baby birds for a plant. Which came back to life once the babies flew away.
    I have lived in country settings for a good amount of time but I was never so close to nesting birds as in Buenos Aires :)

  5. For years turtle doves used a place on my balcony to build their nests. The only time I saw the babies was when it was time for them to leave their nest. I have pictures of momma with her 2 babies and the father a few feet away, looking on. Every year, it was always two babies. Those are the things in life that warm the heart

  6. Madison, when ours nested in the tree one time, the "father" always sat nearby , on different tree branch .. watching over the family.
    I agree, very heart warming !


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