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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snowed In with Photos

Having gotten a comment that someone would like to see photos of the snow, I realized that I have not shared many with you ! And all I do, it seems, is take photos of the snow.

So here are a few .. just imagine how quiet it is, how peaceful, how cold ~


  1. Snow might be cold, it might disrupt things but, it really does look beautiful. Is that your garden ? …. it looks wonderful. Stay in, keep warm and look out of the window !!! …. and, it's so lovely to see that the birds are being thought of and cared for.
    Have a warm week. XXXX

  2. Brrrr!!! I think your pics are lovely, however hearing that more snow is on the way up there I feel for you dear. Enough is enough - you need some brighter days. They will come with Spring......which I so hope will come early rather than later to the Northeast!

    We've enjoyed a few warm days but it's also due to turn cold again soon.

    My post today included a note on my stop in Argentina this time last year - so much has occurred in our lives since then - like you, I would like to be back there. I'd love to spend more time enjoying Buenos Aires, it was so vibrant.

    Hang in there - thinking about you.
    Hugs - Mary

  3. While I envy you your garden I am so glad I don't have all that snow!
    If you can get through everything being that has been thrown at you since your return from BA you can get through anything.
    Keep warm. Keep safe.
    hugs from Holland

  4. simple beauty!!!
    thank you,
    stay warm


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