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Alan Cohen
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Snowed in Part 1

So, as is usual for me lately, I am giving in to my Obsessive behaviors ..
I have been listening to this music, just this one song, for about an hour now.
Over and over ... you know what ?
I don't care, I like it !
If I were not listening to some music that I like, I would be walking around an empty quiet house, looking out the windows at .... snow .
More snow.
A lot of snow on the ground.
Snow in the trees.
MORE snow falling ... that would set me to howling and weeping... believe me.
I am snowed in.
Once again.
This living alone in the North woods is not for single people.
Unless they give in and just go bonkers and get all happy and goofy when they see snow.
They probably don't brush their hair either.
Or their teeth.
Do they bathe ?
Probably not .. why bother ?

I don't know about you but I Thank God on days like this that there is an Internet.

I can listen to Sting and laugh at Superbowl commercials ( without actually having to sit through a ball game) and I can even watch television shows and movies.
All from this chair right here in this room right here with that window in front of me showing me the snow piling up by the second.

I see more chocolate chip cookies in my future.


Vagabonde said...

I am new to your blog so I did not realize you are located in the north now, as you say, I thought you were in Argentina. Do you now live in Canada? Here we had 3 inches of snow, exactly a week ago, and it paralyzed the whole area – people driving in Metro Atlanta could not move their cars and the highways were giant parking lots. But within 3 days the snow was all gone. I wish you placed some pictures of your snow on your blog. We get snow only once every 3 years or so, so we enjoy it (if we are not driving…)

NotesFromAbroad said...

Hi, Yes, the Frozen North or as we used to call it, Upstate New York.
We left Argentina last March.. as some of my friends in BA say, Just In Time.
I believe there are photos of snow on the blog but I will throw some more on here .. enjoy the viewing :)

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