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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Big Melt Is Gonna Come

One of the things that I really relied on my husband for was Driving In Snow.
I grew up in California and the South. No snow.
He was an excellent driver  and a champ when it came to Snow.

So imagine, everything else that has changed in my life and all the things I am adjusting to, learning, forgetting and now ... I have to drive in snow.

I get an anxiety attack at the thought of  riding in a car in snow if someone else is driving !
Only he could make me laugh and forget about being scared but now I am the one driving !!!!

And to top it off , I am driving on country roads, over hills and through the woods and down the hills and dales and on that drive it is not uncommon  to never see another car.
Horses but no cars.
A cow or a sheep, but no cars.

So today it was not raining or snowing but very cold and tons of snow on the ground but I needed coffee.
You know you are addicted when you will risk life and limb to drive to the store to buy a bag of coffee.

I did fine getting to the store.
I grabbed what  I needed and was happy to see that Starbucks is on the shelf next to Maxwell House ..
I was limited in choices but got a nice caffeine laden Sumatra ..
Standing in line to pay I noticed the snow was coming down sort of hard .. the car looked like it had a lot of snow on it ..
While I was having fun shopping for caffeine .. er .. coffee, it had begun to snow in earnest .

My husband knew his cars and did his research and I am the recipient of his hard work.
I am driving safely in a Subaru that got me home .. even though I took a turn a bit too fast and the back of the car sort of slid sideways ..
I didn't lose control  ( well, when I got home I did a little ) and I got back in the lane with aplomb and crept and crawled the rest of the way to my house with no sliding or slipping.

Boy, was I glad to see this house today !

So tomorrow I will have my fresh, full of caffeine coffee and sit with the kitten and watch it snow.
Or , I will watch it melt.
They say there will be a melt and some rain.
We will probably have floods or something after that but for now, I am glad to hear that the snow will be gone ... eventually.

No Mo Sno !

Yeah.. corny ..
Bring on the Big Melt.


  1. Your husband was right getting a Subaru - 4 wheel drive and good engineering - my eldest son and family lived in Norway for 5 very snowy winters and he had a Subaru especially for that climate.

    1. He always did his research before buying cars .. I am not that smart, I want to buy things because they look good :)
      This car is both, thank goodness.

  2. Subaru are good cars – my son in law had one while he was in Columbus, Ohio, and they have a lot of snow there in winter. I remember when my husband was going to graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and I had to drive our little Volkswagen in the snow – I was petrified. Last week we had snow and I took many pictures for my blog, and today it was 72 F – can you believe it! But we are expecting some storms they said – usually such quick changes bring tornadoes, not something to look forward to. I read your last post about the cats. You showed pretty pictures. We had a Somali cat for many years – he was so sweet and beautiful – it is the same as an Abyssinian but long hair.

  3. Hello Candice:
    Alas, whilst of course we do not envy your having to drive in snow, we regret that we have had very little here in Budapest this winter and not so very much in the countryside.
    Thank you so much for the comment on our latest post. It is good to be back.


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