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Friday, January 17, 2014

Getting Catty

Today was one of the sad ones.
I have things that are cheerful to look forward to , in a matter of an hour maybe, that will happen.
But when I woke up, I was sad and it didn't get better.

So I forced myself to get dressed and get the hell outtahere !

I decided as  I drove, to go to Hudson, New York and look at cats.
They have a very nice cat rescue/adoption agency.

I hoped it might be one of those Meant To Be stories coming along .. I pulled over and asked a parking policeman where the shelter was and he pointed across the street.
The parking spot was right there.
I took this as a good sign.

I walked into this little Victorian house , re-born as a vet/adoption/shelter/home for cats.

Of course, as most people know already, Cat people are kinda crazy , in all the Best ways .

I was sad.
Looking at the cats made me more sad.
I kept thinking this is what my husband and I were supposed to be doing together.
He wanted to do this, he wanted to pick out the perfect little pussycat for us.
And now here I am, surrounded by all the cheerful young people, with their arms full of cats.
It should have been cute or funny, but I just got more sad.

I looked at what was available, older, large , depressed kitty cats.
Then I said I was hoping for a kitten, to raise, with few bad habits and possibly a bit of bonding and snuggling would develop.

So they brought out this little cat.
Pitch black, not a speck of white or any other color but huge yellow eyes.
Not purring but snuggling a little.

Then they told me he was sick and on antibiotics .
He was very thin.

I immediately thought that if I adopted him, I would name him Lucky.
(because black cats are bad luck .. but his good luck would be that someone took him home )

But as it went, so far . . he hasn't got a new name yet.
I was just not sure about bringing home a sick cat.
What if it cost me a fortune in vet bills ?
What if he got worse, what if he died ?
We all know that at this point in my life, a new pet dying on me would probably  ... well, let's say ... it would not be  conducive to my own good mental health.

So I told them I would call them.
I thought possibly my son would go with me to see him.
But now I am thinking , maybe not.
Maybe the Right One will just come along, I don't have to make it right, it just will be.

So for now, I am still alone, no cat, but there are still the cows up the hill, with new babies by the way and the horse still stands there and stares at me ..
He wants me to go for a ride with him.
Yes, I speak horse.


  1. It will present itself to you....the cat that is to be your companion through this tough time. Hang in there.

  2. Oh sorry you didnt find one! But spring will bring lots of kittens. Did you go to Animalkind? They have a few cute kittens on their website
    Good luck!

  3. Happy you are planning on rescuing a kitten/cat. Mine have all come to me in strange, unexpected ways. My latest, Lette, I found on Facebook. Stray Cat Alliance posted a picture of her. They had rescued from a known high kill shelter. She is five and her owners dumped her at the shelter with a broken leg.
    I'm rooting for you that you will find your own special kitty. She/he will make a difference in your life.

  4. Is there an animal rescue organization around you that "fosters" cats? Perhaps that's the way to go it your just getting your feet wet again with adding an animal into your life...but your not just quite sure. I had a neighbor awhile ago that was a pilot and his girlfriend was involved with an animal rescue organization that fostered dogs and cats before allowing them to be adopted. He had several different dogs over the space of a year. There were times he had up to three dogs at a time. Whenever he was out of town the dogs went to the girlfriends...and when he arrived back in town he was always struggling with suitcases and a couple dogs on a leash. I never knew from one day to the next how many dogs he would be accomodating. But he seemed to be enjoying himself getting used to having a pet/pets around. Because of his schedule he couldn't commit to one full time until the girlfriend and him moved in together onto some acreage. Most spca's foster out animals don't they? That way owing to the fact you may or may not be changing your can still have some companionship of the four legged variety but it's not a lifetime commitment.

    1. This was a Cat rescue and I am fine with waiting until I meet the Right Kitten ... :)

  5. Kitten season is right around the corner and people will be begging you to take a kitten, a healthy, purring, snuggle bug... one might even just show up in your yard - or a neighbor might bring one over and ask you about it... it will happen and it will be a sweet and happy occassion! XOX

    1. Sabrina, if you have an over abundance of kitties at your house, you can always send one up here ... you can come with them too .. you know, just to be sure they make the trip ok :)


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