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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rural Intelligence

Hudson , New York

This is a great e-magazine I guess you could call it ? Rural Intelligence .. that says it all.

I had to go there just yesterday, of course, the office was closed when I got there, which meant that while I was freezing walking along the street, I did do a bit of window licking. ( window shopping)..

I love the antique stores and believe me, there must not be a town in the world or at least in America that has this many antique stores and art galleries one after another, side by side, up and down the street.
If there is a place, it would be San Telmo, in Buenos Aires.

My husband and I did a lot of shopping in San Telmo.
It was great and even if you aren't shopping to buy , it is a pleasure to wander the old buildings full of old Stuff and then go have lunch somewhere.

We would wander down a cobblestone street, passing high walls where you can hear fountains and birds and past bicycle rentals with dozens of bright orange bikes waiting.. to a cafe on the corner where you can sit by the window and continue to people watch and gaze out as if you have been set back in time a bit and there are no cars and no worries. ( well there are cars but it is quiet there..which is really saying something for Buenos Aires ! )...

On a rainy dreary day like today, in New York, looking out at an empty street, writing from an empty house ( well, just me...) I long to be back in warm sunny Buenos Aires where friends will spend the afternoon with me sipping coffee and munching on fresh medialunas and making plans ...

Now ... my plans are where to find curtains for the kitchen windows.
Hoping that my children can  be here for the holidays.
Wondering if a puppy is a good idea or just get a kitten for now.
Kittens don't bark if someone/something comes into the yard though ..
But they don't require walks in the early morning or late night in freezing cold weather either.

Decisions, why ? why ?

So go look at the online magazine and enjoy .. it really is quite beautiful here ...

                                               Hudson New York : Rural Intelligence


Mary said...

What a beautiful, loving post, Candice. Hugs.

Gail, in northern Califormia said...

As you share your feelings, you have no idea what a comfort they are to me. I wrote some time ago that our 43rd wedding anniversary would have been November 7. What you write here almost parallels what I am going through. It's such a comfort to know I'm not crazy.

I hope you will continue to write about what you are experiencing as you try to come to grips with the loss of your husband. I am at a loss.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Oh Gail, I am so sorry !
A day apart, 43 years ago, we were girls ! all excited and happy with 43 years of love and happiness ahead of us . How lucky we were ..

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you Mary. Thank you for being there .. besos.

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