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Monday, December 16, 2013

The To Do List

I bought a Christmas present today ! Yay !

I remembered my grocery list ! Way to go !

I did everything on my To Do List ... Brilliant !!

Now I am home, with a new mailbox sitting in the kitchen, waiting for a man to magically appear and put it on the post after removing the broken one .. no ...
I don't even want to learn how, thenk yew veddy much.
It is enough I found it and bought it.
In a hardware store that has employees who need to learn a bit of Customer Service skills.
You know, like don't look at the customer like they are speaking Martian when they make a joke about the Plow driver should pay for the mailbox ...
like, don't walk away from the customer while she is still speaking to you ... and while we are at it .... don't use that pitch black hair dye on your mustache anymore, it is bad enough on your hair..

So I bought scented votive candles and spent a nice time putting them all over the house then trying to get them lit with the new lighter that requires two hands.
Yes, child proof.
Me proof.

After that, I was so exhausted I had a big cup of Constant Comment tea and admired the candles and figured out more gifts to buy .... tomorrow maybe.

One gift is already on its way, thanks to  3 day Delivery !!

I realized that I have been eating couscous every day for dinner.
So I bought some macaroni .
I know ... no vitamins . I probably have no iron left in my blood. . so I figured since I am eating carbs all the time, I would have some frozen veggies .. with my macaroni.

It is no fun cooking for one.
I am not in Argentina where I would be spoiled for choice with who would deliver to my door . I could order from Quiero Mas and have spicy hot pasta with picante sauce.
Or the pizza place that makes The Best Empanadas in the world ... yes, really, the World !

Did I mention we are buried in snow ?
I mean, ...really, buried.
I am pouring seeds out for the birds, they all love me.. there are deer prints in the snow each morning and something else and it is not human and I won't think anymore about it.

So .. have a good evening . .
Tomorrow is going to be very exciting.

If it doesn't snow anymore, I am driving to Great Barrington.
I will leave crumbs behind me as I go .. If I don't post tomorrow, come find me !
Maybe I should take chocolate with me ... in the spring they will find me .. in the car, chocolate all over my face .. a little cold but the sugar kept me going.


Gail, in northern California said...

Gotta' have a mailbox. I still prefer snail mail and get a thrill every time I see beautiful handwriting peeking up at me amongst the bills and junk mail items.

A tip from another lady trying to cook for one and stay healthy--me. Double, even triple, batches of brown rice and pasta. Saute' some green onion (or any onion-what the heck) in olive oil, then add a portion of the bag of frozen vegetables. When the vegetables are just about done, add some pasta or rice and heat through. I can't bear to eat at the table so it's a TV tray in front of the television for me. Makes eating alone more bearable.

One more tip I'll adopt beginning Wednesday night. I want to go with girlfriends to see the shops and decorating but have never liked driving home alone. In fact, when David was here I would call him the moment I left the firehouse parking lot. I knew if I wasn't home in 15 minutes, he would be backing his truck out of the garage looking for me. Rather than stay home, I'm going to conquer this fear that no one would know I didn't get home and call one of those same friends and let them know I got home o.k.

And the list of "Things I Never Knew" continues to grow...unfortunately.

Last night I baked five dozen cookies and this morning I dropped off four dozen at the County Road Station as a thank you to those wonderful fellas who plowed and sanded my road during the recent freakish snow and freezing temperatures. Awful being stranded so I understand when you say, "If it doesn't snow anymore, I am driving to Great Barrington." Good to be out and about, instead of talking to ourselves at home.

Gail, in northern California said...

Oops. I forgot to tell you to keep the batches of rice and pasta you've made ahead refrigerated 'til you're ready to use the portion you want. I found too that tossing the pasta with a little olive oil helps to keep it from sticking together.

Linda said...

You still have your sense of humor...
And eloquent writing skills...
Thank goodness for small miracles...
Hug the baby for me♥
Linda :o)

Francesca Muir said...

I love this and love your sense of humour - well written. From one list writer to another! Fx

Mary said...

Safe journey dear Candice.
Hopefully your mailbox will be up and gathering good mail, not all junk, when you return!

Hugs - take care,

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