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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Looking back

Not so long ago, in Buenos Aires, when we were so happy. And Pup was there too !
This was where we walked every day, on the way to our favorite source for scones, the market that had the best fresh salmon, the park where we could sit on a bench under a huge tree and feed scone crumbs to the pigeons.


  1. I think of you often. I do hope you have lots of visitors and support right now. You have lovely memories of both pup and your husband, some of which I have shared through reading your blog.

  2. That street is gorgeous -with those trees!!!! ((HUGS)) Are you sure you don't want to run away to Europe with me, maybe Belgium, or even a small town in France? We can ride trains, eat cheese and drink wine!!!! Let me know, I'll have my bags packed!!!!

  3. Sabrina, I can be packed in an hour.
    Those are plane trees, what you saw in Belgium and France :)
    love you

  4. Love the stone of that street and the warmth of those trees. Thank you for sharing that picture and memory. Now I am craving scones. ;) Much love and hugs, Colette

  5. Colette, so many of the cities streets are still cobblestone. It is wonderful. And so are those trees on a hot summer day !
    hugs to you too.


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