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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Rainy Tuesday

Don't you love waking in the morning to no sound but the rain falling ?
The room is so dark you aren't sure of the time .
The lull of the rain makes you want to snuggle down into the comforter and go back to sleep?

Welcome to My Morning.

Thank goodness for Peruvian French Roast coffee .. I was able to get out of bed and in here to sit at the computer.

Looking out the windows, all I see is Green !
Sitting here, all I hear is Rain.

In Buenos Aires, we would have been figuring out what we wanted to do and did it merit going out in the rain or trying to get a taxi in order to do it .
Or taking sweet Pup for a walk and huddling under awnings, balconies or just getting wet while he seemed to enjoy spending even more time sniffing each and every leaf and blade of grass.
Then home to spend  an  hour trying to get him dry.
Poodles hang on to the wet.
At least until they are home where they can give a good shake and spray the walls and anyone standing nearby.

We would usually go to one of the following ...
a- Grocery store
b- Cinema
c- Mall.

Now I am in the United States, not in a city but out in the country.

We have no pup ... yet.

The choices seem to be the same ...
a- drive to the grocery store
b- go to a movie or watch one at home
c- go to a mall.

I think I will stay in.
Do laundry ( down into the dungeon of scariness where my nice big new washer and dryer wait for me )..
Read .
Make the husband hang some more pictures.
Shop online.

I especially like the shopping online option.

What do you do on a rainy day ?
Are you glad you can stay in or do you chafe at the bit and want to go out ?
What are your Rainy Day Pastimes ?


  1. Rainy days are made for curling up on the couch with a good book and breaks for online shopping :)

  2. Sara Louise, that sounds like one of the best options to me too.

  3. I never mind a rainy day as long as it's not a torrential downpour lasting for hours which ruins everything in the garden! I like to wear my rainboots - when it's cooler - put up the brollie and just take a little walk about in a drizzle. Then come in, take a shower and wash my hair, watching the rain from the window for the remainder of the day!!

    Your garden looks lush!

    Mary X


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